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  1. What should I do to my baby then now that it's kinda useless that i can only lvl 24 times lol Do you reccomend that i kill it
  2. PVE Official Dino Level Cap I have a rex baby lvl 426, but I heard there's a level cap and my dino will be deleted when it goes higher than the level cap. I've heard the level cap was 450 on official? If so, should i stop leveling my dino when i reach 449?
  3. Can i turn it on even if I don't have the tekgram? I don't have the tekgram and I can't see the option
  4. Something is wrong with my Tek Transmitter I have had my tek transmitter for months now, but one day it just stopped working. Tek Generator settings are the same, but the tek transmitter is not powered. it is just dark and not lit up.
  5. Gacha crystal farming w plant y I've been using stone and owl pellets to farm crystals with my gacha, but someone told me to try using plant y, so i gave it a try and I put 1 plant y fruit in the gacha's inventory, and it gave me 1 crystal. I came back with 10 plant y fruits and put them in the gacha, but it ate all the plant y and still only gave me 1 crystal. I tried another 10, but this time i split them up, but the gacha still ate them all and gave me 1 crystal. How do you gacha farm w plant y?
  6. How much bonus does each crafting skill % give? For example, if I have a 60 armour rex saddle blueprint, and I get a crafting bonus of 50% because of my crafting skill, will the end product be a 90 armour rex saddle? Also, what is the max crafting bonus one can get if all points are levelled in crafting skill?
  7. Max Armour for Saddle BP What is the maximum armour that a saddle bp can have and how high can you get that armour up to with a crafting skill character? If the max armour is different with different kinds of saddles then the one I'm wondering about is a rex saddle bp
  8. Nope i haven't tried it yet, when i shot the crossbow at the wyvern, the crosshair went red like it does when u get a hit
  9. Wyverns Aren't Getting Knocked Out Im on an official server, and im shooting regular non-alpha female wyverns up to 100 times with tranq arrows and a 192% damage crossbow, yet the wyverns refuse to be knocked out. Anyone have an idea of what's going on? I've been milking wyverns for a long time, but this issue only appeared recently. It's been going on for at least 4 days now
  10. I'm raising baby rexes, but I don't know how long I have before they start to starve. I know that a wyvern drains about 400 food per hour so how much food per hour does a rex drain? Can't seem to find this information anywhere else, not even dododex.
  11. I have a lvl 206 wyvern that i got when it was lvl 165. Its stats are 11.5k hp, 1.2k stam, and 373 melee. I want this guy to be my battle mount (I'm on PvE Official), so what should I level him up in? Also pls tell me if his stats are good enough or if he will ever be able to battle all the other wyverns. I want this guy to hopefully kill alpha wyverns someday. Also, do you have any tips for fighting wild wyvers? I seem to be terrible.
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