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  1. my friends and i have been griefed a handful of times across servers in the last few weeks. long story short, we found someone who was willing to tribe up with us on a Rag server; we gave him a snow owl and he let us stay at his base, use his materials, etc... in the end, he ended up kicking us while 2 of us were online and taking our tames (because the settings were set to Tribe Owned). i guess there were red flags we didn’t catch until after it had all happened and the base’s turrets killed me after i was kicked and he took our managrmrs and wyvern (lol). dude totally played us saying stuff like “it’s cool you guys know each other in real life cause you don’t worry about insiders” and when we’d mentioned how we always set our tames to personally owned, he brushed it off like “oh” but never took the time to change it for our tribe. granted we had griefers on the server and were busy trying to make sure we were hidden, so my friend and i thought nothing of it. anyway, i’m not sure this constitutes as a violation of the code of conduct but if anyone has any advice, that’d be great. we’re used to being griefed, but this is a whole new level of being a huge jerk. playing the nice guy and taking tames being sly like that is super low lol. FYI, this all happened in less than 48 hours, maybe even 24. my friend found him one day, we all transferred that same day, tamed stuff, then the next day the betrayal happened lmao
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