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  1. BlueSkies is recruiting staff members. Join us on discord and type %apply in our #applications channel if you wish to be considered for a staff position. Please review the rules located inside of #applications before applying. You will not be considered if you apply in any channel besides #applications. BlueSkies - An Ark Mobile unofficial PvP server. Do you want to play on an unofficial Ark mobile server with no admin abuse and proper rules? We welcome you to join Blueskies, a Normal difficulty PVP server. We host a minimum of one event per week such as Difficulty Switch, Treasure Hunt, Arena, and more! Prizes are typically offered in all events. On top of that, we have finished building our free-to-stay hotel! Everybody is welcome, you can pin lock your belongings inside of your hotel room and rest assured knowing that your items are protected by our server staff. Features included are: - 24 player slots: more than enough to accommodate all players at the moment (will upgrade if it fills) - Appeal system - Weekly events that are guaranteed to be interesting - MAX RATES for everything but exp - Player report system to report violations. - No god console abuse by the mods or admins - Easy to follow rules - Free-to-stay Hotel - A trade centre - PvP arena - A fast growing community If you are interested in learning more about our server and becoming a part of our community please visit our Discord server using the following link.. https://discord.gg/zHzXrx2
  2. Ascendants of Ark is now 18+ preferred but NOT required. Visit us on discord using the following invite code.. https://discord.gg/xM7Yjv3
  3. Join now and participate in our referral incentive taking place until Friday, December 28th. Referral Incentive: From now until Friday, December 28th we will be offering a referral incentive. For every player that you refer to our server (Must be 18+, verified, and a confirmed referral) you will receive 1k of your choice of any of the following materials. (silica pearls, thatch, fiber, leech blood, sap, metal (unrefined), charcoal, oil, stone, wood, hide, chitin, or flint). Have your referral inform an admin that you referred them when they join. ** Must be a verified player to participate.
  4. The Ascendants of Ark... Is seeking players for our private game server. Our private server... Offers ultimate performance which means reduced lag and higher quality gaming! Has 50 player slots. Is now 18+ preferred but NOT required. Has friendly management and support. Has a well organized Discord channel. Game settings... Game rules: PvP/PvE Difficulty: Medium Boosted Rates (Subject to change, pending community vote).. XP Multiplier: x2 Harvesting Multiplier: x3 Mating Multiplier: x.1 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: x5 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: x5 Imprinting SPeed: x3 Day Time Scale: x.75 Night Time Scale: x1.25 Crop Growth Speed Multiplier: x5 Resource Respawn Multiplier: x.25 Defecation Multiplier: x5 Our players... Are English in language. All players on the Ascendants of Ark private game server will receive a starter pack that will include several essential items to help them get established and will be leveled up to level 40. Our server is now 18+ preferred but NOT required. We ensure that the game is fair and enjoyable for everyone involved and we do this by maintaining order within the game server. The admin tribe is a neutral force that does not raid other players. We look forward to hosting our own in-game events, contests and giveaways! If you are interested in learning more about our server and becoming a part of our community please visit our Discord server using the following link.. https://discord.gg/bFQwPS6
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