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  1. mceyl

    Baby Sling

    How about a skin that can be attached to chest armor, which allows one to pick up a baby and carry it around similar to Procroptodon. It can either allow the baby to eat from player's inventory, or have the baby inventory open up when the player opens their own inventory, allowing feeding on the go. It would be a massive quality of life improvement, allowing one to handle those early infantile stages on the go, handling other chores in the meantime. Perhaps the advantage it would provide could be offset by increasing the food consumption of the baby, opposite of the reduction Procroptodon provides in pouch.
  2. mceyl

    Getting insided

    I can't tell if you're trolling or on a level of sarcasm I can't quite comprehend... This is some really odd logic. One is the equivalent of espionage and an age old tactic to gain the enemy's trust, perfectly within the realm of reality... The other.. raptor, breaking the laws of physics somehow and floating over & under physical fortifications? And in this case, the asked response is for gods to step in and slap them down. "Hush, we obey the laws of the universe and causality here".
  3. mceyl


    I've been raising and imprint continuously pre and post patch. What I observed was that the first imprints after the patch was the old system, and any new timers started post patch went with the new system. One possible explanation is that the imprint action & table required is set when the 8 hour period starts, not ends; hence the older actions remaining. So, as long as people manage to reset & imprint once, they'll be fine from then on? It's a minor oversight honestly, and easy to overlook while testing under simulated circumstances.
  4. mceyl

    New kibble system= pay to win

    You can download the maps for Ragnarok and The Center and access them with just the core game.
  5. I've heard nothing but rumours and haven't brought a Mana to The Island yet. Which maps have the issues, The Island and SE?
  6. mceyl

    Industrial Freezer

    I think this is in the works in the form of dedicated storage. When powered (by a tek generator last I checked), the storage is meant to act like a fridge according to its tooltip. When the S+ implementation first entered beta, the structure seemed to have 1800 stacks of capacity, which I'm sure is poised to change before it hits live.
  7. mceyl

    Dino training

    Having it on Managarmr alone made me think it was there more as a trial of a new system. I do rather like it, and would like to see it on other species as well. However, I feel like this has to be an additional measure on top of the current imprint and growth timers. As in, 100% imprints should be possible without training as it currently is, with training only there as an advantageous addition. Of course, then a counter-argument might be made by some that imprinting is already significantly more easier with the existing of cryopods and the recent changes that make imprint timers pause rather than reset.
  8. mceyl

    Managarmr vertical strafe

    No, I'm on PC and PvE. And I'm quite certain it can no longer strafe directly upwards, though I may be mistaken on when exactly this started happening. Felt like the last update, and I recall climbing my tower recently, but memory is a funny thing.
  9. mceyl

    Managarmr vertical strafe

    Has it? I did run some materials up and down right before the valentine's patch with strafing up, and noticed the change afterwards; but it's entirely possible. I'll experiment with it some more when I find the chance, but overall, this is a big hit to mobility for me.
  10. mceyl

    Managarmr vertical strafe

    With the latest update, Managarmrs no longer seem to be able to gain elevation by targeting upwards and strafing forward. They simply move forward in the same altitude. Was this an intended change? Now getting up to my skyscraper base from ground costs significantly more stamina with jumps alone, and requires multiple steps.
  11. mceyl

    Heavy mass transfers via Transmitters

    I'm not sure how it is implemented currently, or their design decisions. But that may not necessarily eliminate the issue. I think it comes down to the need of an atomic transaction, such as in banking. It can be solved through the other approach of course, which I think you include in your suggestion indirectly: once you put it in, there is no changing your mind or taking it out, at least until the timer is done. That way, you can't game the system to have the destination send the receipt but pull back before your end can receive it and delete the original.
  12. I understand the necessity of the transmitter/obelisk timers, as the asynchronous series of actions of uploading an item to a database, getting a confirmation, deleting the item from player inventory etc can be ripe for duplicating otherwise. If this timer solution is the only current viable option, can we have some form of workaround to enable the players to load the transmitter with numerous heavy items without the necessity of holding them all in their inventory concurrently? The current experience for transferring the max allowed 50 stacks of, say, metal ingots out of Aberration involves taking the items to the transmitter, carefully throwing them on the ground off tame inventories, picking them up by hand & by whip to bypass the max player weight, and waiting patiently with a completely immobile character. This emergent method can hardly be intended gameplay from a design perspective. How about creating an inventory tab within transmitters, akin to Tribute tab but only accessible by the player, where items can be pre-stored regardless of their timer, and uploaded either automatically or manually once the timers on them expire? This would allow us to load the items up properly with parcels within the carry limits without resorting to clumsy tactics. If I misunderstood the process, or if there are any better options that occur to anyone, criticize away.
  13. mceyl

    pve Baby dino vs floors

    In the past, I've experienced eggs disappearing entirely, to hatch babies later with no egg in sight.. Infants occasionally falling through the floor, juveniles supposedly getting teleported far out of trough range, though the last one was more of a Procroptodon pouch issue I think. It's a big buggy mess, although it hasn't happened in a while. There were some mesh bugfixes in the recent few patches, no?
  14. mceyl


    Hello hello, It was odd to attempt to browse the trading forums and seeing them gated off. Though I suppose it is entirely understandable, considering the sheer amount of trolls the game seems to attract, even in PvE maps. I'm fairly new, though I sank an unreasonable amount of time into the game already. I'm particularly enjoying breeding few pet lines all the way back from wild tames, though I very much doubt they'll get anywhere near as good as years of mutation stacking that older folks seem to have done. Anyway, how are you all?