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  1. Gigas in Paris Herbivore Island Base Tour with huge turret towers
  2. Our tribe spent around 3 hours raiding the Lava Cave base on The Island map on a 1000x unofficial server. The PvP was fun and the raiding was a success. We Used Racers, Gigas, Rexes, Theriz and a few other dinosaurs! We were playing on Ice-Den 1000x Server cluster.
  3. Here's a look at the desert bases that were built on the last wipe of ICED-Den 1000x server.
  4. I'd love to sign up to test ARK 2. I've made numerous videos on how players can host ARK servers, and I have thousands of hours on this game. Does anyone know when testing may start?
  5. Hello! I'm Tametheark and I'm going around recording bases in 4K to put on YouTube. If you have a base that you want me to record then add my discord tametheark#8442 Lava Cave on Ragnarok built by the tribe Gigas in Paris
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