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  1. Not really a pain just keep breeding parents and put that mute one side for now and breed back into the bloodline in Generation 3 might take a few more rounds to get the perfect stats back..remember you keep breeding Generation 0 till you get your Generation 1 pair... the problem with generation 0 producing a mutation is identifying the mutation...
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, however, there might be parts of the guide that is inaccurate... Wardrum does challenge us to figure stuff out for ourselves and this guide is what I've pieced together from personal experience after reading posts and watching everything half useful for all platforms on youtube, but doing the Breeding Generations will eventually give you great results if you're a committed breeder. Casual breeders will start mixing mutations lines sooner than later then stop, committed breeders will keep feeding tribe better and better dinos spayed or neutered to
  3. Nice mutation, like I mentioned every egg hatched has a small chance for a mutation, the guide is to manage and maximize mutation over a long time without hitting the 20/20 mutations block thus breeding super dinos... eventually
  4. Well, thanks that you like the guide... Personally no never seen any dino that high a level but I only play mobile other platforms on brutal level or custom servers might have dinos spawning at those levels or higher ... also with hard level on mobile that 450 cap has probably been increased as max wild levels is level 300 and a level 300 wild will perfect tame to level 435 before you level it up 71 times... but they will look like the normal dinos just crazy stats I've not seen a stat calculator specifically for mobile Dododex and SA Companion are the 2 I know and are relatively acc
  5. My point with this post is to put it out there that if our stuff was more protected we would actually recruit more new members and what I think would help to make our stuff safer to do so. Because I'm not recruiting members for that exact reason and many big tribes on my server neither, it's just not worth the risk
  6. Hi Guys I've done a lot of reading on breeding and watching youtube and have bred my fair share of dinos, so why not try to make a guide from what I've learned and applied... (note some of the information may be incorrect so any rectifications are welcome as Wardrum loves to let us figure stuff out for ourselves) Whats Max Wild levels your find on official serves? Easy - Level 30 Medium - Level 150 Hard - Level 300 Exceptions are inside Ice & Swomp Caves where higher level dinos spawn So how does stats work on wild dinos? Simple it'
  7. Ken, unfortunately, that's only partial protection... anyone you make a manager can just break the wall next to your admin level door and have full access... also most people playing ark don't have discord and are probably minors... Most parents won't be happy if their children get chatty with adults on discord, I am a parent and a "Gaming Dad" so yeah my 13-year-old son using discord unsupervised not gonna happen. Also, it's really not that hard glitching through dino gates or behemoth gates, so your suggestions have some merit but not really a solution.
  8. Hi guys and gals, Now with the festive season at hand, the server I'm playing on is starting to get more and more new people joining, however, established tribes like the one I have are not recruiting these players... So why aren't we recruiting... TRUST... no established tribe I've been in or know on the servers I've played has been unaffected by this... New Players looks like a good candidate... you recruit him/her... next thing you know they are gone... so is your best Blue Prints, Gear, Saddles and even Dinos. Now I'm not saying redo the whole game but this is something t
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