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  1. oh my... this sounds amazing. I cannot wait!
  2. SpecialKR

    Argys or Lightnings for manticora alpha?

    depending on how many people you have, you might find that mounted managarmrs might be your new best bet.
  3. SpecialKR

    Blue Supply Drop dilos

    thank you man! had not thought of that
  4. SpecialKR

    Blue Supply Drop dilos

    I've found that when I am running a blue supply drop, I will often spend about 10 minutes at the end of each wave looking for 1 or 2 remaining dilos. they are small and will often times wander into hidden crevices in walls or rocks. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to add a despawn timer just on the dilos as they are so small and so often will get stuck away from the drop and be difficult to find and make the blue drops take a long time for no good reason. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
  5. SpecialKR

    Manticore landing still not fixed??

    I've found it will land more frequently if you bring fewer rex, and keep them still until it lands. we do it with only 6 rex on alpha, because it lands more frequently with les rex. Hope that helps
  6. SpecialKR

    pve Wyvern traps

    Someone who raises batches of 10-20 wyvs at a time here. Depending on how the traps on your server are built, you can just use other peoples traps. Some traps are public and on pve servers you may not need to have your own trap
  7. SpecialKR

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful event!
  8. SpecialKR

    aberration the hardest to start up on

    it is immensely helpful to find a good server with a friendly community, I recommend scouting servers and chatting with people before landing on your more permanent location, having a server with a public teleporter network or public reaper trap can be a great experience for this map
  9. Cool to here about the reworks, ive heard great things about S+, cannot wait to see its integration
  10. SpecialKR

    Tame the island bosses

    This is an awesome idea, although im not sure how effective it would be even if you could. The island bosses are not as powerful as the extinction titans from what I can tell, we munch those bosses with a few rex, don't think the titans would be the same story.
  11. SpecialKR

    PVE base defense on unoffical possible?

    Hey, someone who has been grinding extinction here. It really depends on where you build, there are some areas where you will constantly be surrounded with around 20 or so corrupted gigas, and some areas with very minimal amounts of danger in sight, I recommend just exploring the map, to see if there is an area right for you.