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  1. True, the first few days were really cool, after a while when we developed and started to get frustrated with the constant bugs and lack of proper support. 😩
  2. I do not see any logical reason to reduce the mantis. I did not think the mossa so fast, now is going to get a slug?
  3. it's easy to solve this, you can put in the cryopod and drop it again that it will ask another type to imprint. Careful not to throw it when it's time for cryopod.
  4. Hello, there is this tutorial that you can do, it is very good and you can configure your server much more detailed because it has all the options to configure. I found it easier to use the program to configure (it is in Portuguese the video).
  5. I also have problems with doedicurus, it stays under the mother and sometimes falls below the platform.
  6. BlueDragon88

    Managarmr Deletion

    these days a similar problem happened to me, but it was with the spino. I was attacking another dino and it was next to the foundation and bugou below the foundation, the spino was buried in the ground and I fell infinitely in the center of the map and of course I could not go back and lost the items (I had to wait for the character to die to be able to return ).
  7. BlueDragon88

    Managarmr Deletion

    The big problem is that sometimes you go back to the starting position to lag and sometimes not, when you do not come back you stay on a part of the map that can not be played and so loses the items.
  8. Olá, você ainda está fazendo? Eu preciso do rockwell. The topic is still open, so i would like to attend.
  9. Yes, the system of kibbles is interesting, the ark has to evolve and should not be stopped in time. New developments are always welcome.
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