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  1. Also my Scorched Earth Shield Skin and Helmet Skin is vanished on my main map The Island....
  2. Come on Guys... dont screw your amazing events with player-unfrindly things like 50 prime for one chibi.... i dont get it... Make it 10 cooked meat and everything is just fine. And youre „Breeding improvements“ are a huge scam. It‘s a huge bug and you should be a shame of selling it as a feature... get it back to the time before your Birthday event. Also since then, every 15 minutes the server freezes for about 10 secs.... with the money you have stolen with the awefull genesis dlc, you should upgrade your servers...
  3. An old man that likes the design of Dinosaurs through many generations of Movies and Games, till the point when they look like Chicken Hybrids...
  4. Please, not more feathers . The actual hybrid chicken-raptor looks bad enough -.-. You don't need do be correct with this feather sh*t... we have plenty of Mystical and Tek creatures that are not even existed in RL. So make them look like dinosaurs should look like: Spikes and leathered Skin...
  5. Same happend to me, no death in tribelog and lost the mana and all my gear
  6. Exact the same thing happend to me on Island too. Never play them again, fixes are not trustworthy. And good features like Snow Owl baby freeze are getting removed... shame..
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