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  1. May be read peoples messages, your response is advice I dont need your advice in how to play my game. Again if you have nothing helpful to say do not respond to this message.
  2. Really ? so not being able to get all exp notes to gain 10 more levels to progress in the game is not a Dire need, may be not for you but it is for me Id like to beat the game and get max level and wait for Ark2 ... an in game glitch like this one shows the game is broken so it needs to be fixed so people looking for achievement's can achieve them, if you have nothing more to say thats helpful there is no point in responding to this message.
  3. it is a dire need, you can not progress in the game because of the issue so it needs to be brought to their attention plus Ced never responds either on twitter... so I am trying every avenue. Did you even read my original message ?
  4. Thats True I was trying to get Admin attention Ive tried everything I noticed one admin responded so it was an attempt to see if they would reply, not getting any answers to my issues.
  5. Hey there happy Sunday, Gen2 comes with 25 more levels 5 for each boss fight and 10 for all exp notes. I what to bring to your attention Exp note on extinction map Diana number 21 at location 22 38.7 is stuck behind a rock and can not be accessed. I have completed over 90% of the notes today and now I come across this, this means no one can progress on official servers to reach max level I am wondering if you can fix this as this is blocking every ones progress, if you search youtube video by Ninjakiller560 Diana note on extinction and go to 5min 10 sec in he shows you this Glitch and whats freighting is he flagged this Nov 2018 and it is still not resolved. I am currently running my main character on Pve official at level 160 and I was hoping to use the x3 to get more exp to get more levels once i completed the EXp note hunt but this 1 exp note has no halted my progress Please fix this issue many thanks.
  6. So with this new end game map comes another 25 levels which allows you to get to level 180, currently I am running my main character at 160 on official pve, so I decided to do the option for 10 more levels by doing the Exp Notes Ive gotten 90% done so far and only Gen2 and a few on Gen1 left to do, as I was completing Ext map Diana Notes I came across a Glitch where 1 note number 21 can not be opened as is is stuck behind a Rock the lat and longs are 22.1 38.go to 5min 10 sec Ninjakiller560 All Diana Explorer note locations on Extinction in Ark Survival Evolved youtube video he flagged this on Nov 14, 2018 so nearly 3 years on Wildcard hasn't fixed this. So my question is how does one get the achievement of all Exp note on all maps when one is stuck behind a rock ? I have flagged this with the bug team but I do not have much faith as playing this game for some time now and often reported issues which never seem to be resolved. Does anyone have any ideas how I might get this note it has taken me over 3 weeks to get to this point and as you can imagine to come across this is not pleasant.
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