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  1. If you're just breeding a couple of creatures, that's the sensible thing to do, but for people with larger setups (For breeding colours, stats etc) It's not a viable solution.
  2. Are you able to connect to a server through other means? (Eg: Battlemetrics), Have you investigated if it might be a firewall setting causing it?
  3. Part of the last update made it so babies no longer wander around after being born/hatched. While on the surface this sounds like a pretty solid convenience QoL, wandering babies did have it's function. Attached is a picture of what happens now that babies don't wander. Each and every mosasaur baby is stuck well inside the mother and it's now a nightmare to claim them. My suggestion would be to only disable wandering after claiming, or to take a look at where babies are spawning from animals that give live-birth.
  4. Emu

    Astrocetus Taming

    The taming effectiveness is always low on them, it's unknown if it's intended or bugged. Knowing this game, I could take a guess.
  5. We were able to grab that egg by picking a tribemate through the ground and whipping it. It also fixed the other perma empty nest next to it.
  6. Why not release it earlier? You know, before my PC gets looted.
  7. OC-700 Genesis crashing multiple times, daily. Every day, around this time. Rent better servers, jesus christ.
  8. Because, Wildcard is astoundingly good at applying band-aids and never addressing the root of a problem.
  9. Moeder is heavily bugged right now, all sorts of fantastical things are happening. Tames disappearing, people not joining the mission, the boss spawning with a sliver of health...
  10. Awesome! I can't wait to be spammed by constant updates during the event.
  11. i didn't realise we already had it 3 times this week
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