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  1. Must be a PC thing as d1nk said. I transferred serval items last night with no issues on Xbox.
  2. Got Arked pretty good last night. Got on my scorched server to feed the critters. Was a sabertooth that spawned in and was close to my 225 fire wyvern. I run over and start hacking it with my sword only to get dashboarded and when I loaded back in I had killed my wyvern bc apparently you continue hacking when you dashboard. Finished feeding the animals there then went to Extinction. Where I was informed dire wolves spawned inside my snow base walls and killed my lvl 150 perfect tame female dire bear before my tribe mate could get over and kill them. Found a 168 female tek rex that we knocked out and were going to tame in the wastes. While it was asleep a corrupted ptera spawned and started attacking my rex I had protecting the tame which he proceeded to attack the ptera and hit the knocked out rex 5 or 6 times before I could get him to stop. After that I just finished the greenhouse I was building at the snow base and called it a night. Sometimes Ark just says no.
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