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  1. rinrobi

    CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and Supply Drops

    so uh- every time i go to open a drop, or try and access the obelisk, i crash. this has only happened on our dedicated server?? is this a problem with the game or the company, and is there a way to fix it?
  2. rinrobi

    dedicated ps4 servers?

    hi guys! so i’ve been thinking of buying/renting a server for me and my friends, but there’s one problem i know nOthing about it yoxtivoyin can anyone give me some pointers? what companies, what terms i need to know— just pretend you’re writing one of those “for dummies” books :,)
  3. rinrobi

    wyverns wont do one

    rip that sucks. i have no idea then, normally we fight wyverns with wyverns (on other servers) we don’t dare to go after them with anything else tbh ivohxfzjj
  4. rinrobi

    wyverns wont do one

    what we do is go on a taller sort of creature like a managarmr, and they’ll get stuck on you, and then you can just hammer them with attacks. they seem to be more damage than health so if you have high melee you can generally take them, though the fire can be annoying the velonosaur can also ground them right? because then you can run up and do the tail spin? i havent checked out the patch yet so i’m not fully sure :,]
  5. how the hecc do dedicated server rentals work? i want to get one for my friends and i for christmas, but i would like to know some tips and what companies :]