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  1. THEBEAST0503


    On FLYERS This includes breeding of certain flyers. Also about fixing quetzals. (do SOMETHING about their speed)
  2. I like the idea of them being breedable, I also think maybe not wyverns and rock drakes but definitly griffins
  3. Good idea. I also think they should be farther out or aat least make a metal trough for more range.
  4. It was really nice when cryofrides and cryopds came out because they changed the way you hatch babies and play. Now you can get full imprint without being on for 12 hours. Maybe an egg or garden mechanism?
  5. I agree scorched doesnt really get played on anymore because of rag desert. A boss ending would make it more popular. It really has alot of potential
  6. I think we should get a s+ structure and a tlc every month (Megladon)
  7. One big thing that has annoyed me for awhile were trying to get wyverns to land instead of flying arond and landing in water. Also th whistle flyer land would be nice if they landed underneath the and not far away.
  8. Any chance for Dodo Hatchery coming to xbox?
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