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  1. Ik I saw it. Kinda sad that they won't just disable certain things until they figure them out.
  2. Duped meks and cluster soaking Can you guys please just do the right thing and either fix cluster soaking or remove cluster grenades completely until duping is solved? And scrap meks or make them all primitive please because those are still getting duped by the unassembled blueprint as it gives random ids. Pvp is in a state of dire emergency and these enormous issues aren't even being mentioned by any of the devs.
  3. Yes, you must own the dlc specific to that chibi.
  4. Why not make the bikini skins a permanent unlock and up the price?
  5. Impossible to get 100% imprint on a Giga on official You currently are not able to get 100% on Giga imprints on official like you used to be able to in the past. Myself and many others have experienced this without missing a single imprint. I myself am at 54.3 maturation with 10 minutes to my next imprint which will put me behind at only 54% imp and I have stayed up over a day multiple times to not miss a single second on an imprint. When will this bug be addressed and resolved? The amount of time and effort to get 100% while not physically being able to get it makes all efforts feel cheap and unrewarding on something that is one of the hardest things to get 100% on.
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