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  1. I'm not sure but I think my comment has been deleted by they took my comment as an advertisement of someone's channel? If so, sorry for that. I just wanted developers to see what happening with some people. Domes of extinction is still broken on both ps4 and pc, but most of people don't experiencing that is really hard to fix it probably, but please fix it. And also spawning of rex in scorched earth and tops of bikini. I wanna enjoy it before summer bash is end. Thanks. And thanks saltymonkey that you told me about wyvern egg I well understood! :)
  2. Bikini only bottoms works correct, nothing changes with tops when I equip it. Additional report for bugs In scorched earth, the rex never spawns anymore. I only have tamed around 6 rexes before it's became like this. (It's really old issue it's not new one I dare report this finally) And, when I picked up of wyvern egg then it's disappears sometimes. And I personally resolving this like if I picked up, I put egg into my creature's inventory. But I'm not sure it works or not. Just in case, I say mine are japanese version. Thanks for reading!
  3. Is it only Japanese version or... The both ice and desert domes don't even works like PS4 pro version on standard PS4. It doesn't cover their fake sky inside and i can see outside. Can you please fix this graphical issue? I don't need anything else!
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