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  1. Ovis for sure people only kill them for mutton. Compy idk what they could even do, flying magic boi? Dodo? Trilabite Jerboa Idlk these are just some ideas and they might do things that idk about but these are just ideas
  2. You probably transferred servers while you were slot capped if you didn’t then it’s just a bug, drop your inventory in a bag then pick it back up. If that didn’t work you need to drop some other items then drop in the bag.
  3. PvP Dinos I’m looking for everyone top 10 dinos they would get a breeding pair of
  4. I’m not trying to be rude but this is kind of the Wildcard way always ignoring console and never giving us cool stuff. Yes I know that it’s more difficult to add mods like S+ and AA to console but we never get anything. (Removing this would only prove my point)
  5. Thank you so much one quick question where are there class ids?
  6. Is there a code you can add element to this?and ALL other things? Please I’ve been trying to find this for a few hours now
  7. KindaRocket24


    Canteens Yesterday I went and did the dire bear dungeon, I crafted 2 canteens and iced them. After the ice wore off I thought i was still going to have water, wrong there was no water after the ice effect wore off. I was already halfway through the dungeon when it happened so I got dehydrated and I was like ok I will be fine. Nope, point is that I was at the end of the dungeon I had the tek rep in my inventory and the boss was at 2k hp and then I torped out and died of dehydration. Can this please be fixed? I had to pay 10 amber to get in and that’s not the big deal I just want the bug fixed
  8. I think it could be because of genesis and they said there was a big underwater part of the map
  9. Console needs structure saver considering how bad the snap points are, I get 5 for one wall. Also I think it would juts make the game better. I don’t know how it works but I would make it so the structure saver can build it somewhere else if you have all oof the stuff in you inventory. Also it would make the game better because you could copy/save a death wall that you built and you could copy it some where else
  10. So can you ascend of SE or do you just transfer I want to ascend to Aberration but I don’t know where to go is there a SE version of the tek cave or something like that?
  11. When is the exact date of the birthday?
  12. Does anyone know of any changes yet it’s been a year so maybe... It wouldn’t let me make them though
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