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  1. Wasn’t able to get logged in last night but for 3mins and was disconnected right after unpodding a baby for it’s last imprint. Tried logging in today... failed. “Cannot Join. Connection Timeout.” I tried both Official Dedicated Servers and Legacy Servers, same sh— different day.
  2. Same boat. Been unable to connect for two days. The 9 other guys that I play with have been having issues too. Last night, they got lucky and got in after an hour of trying, but I continued to try for 2hrs since I had giga babies out. I finally get in, unpodded one dino needing last imprint and instantly lost host connection. Rinse and repeat. Tried getting in and ran through everything I could do.... offline/online toggle network, shutdown console and reboot, close out application and relaunch, restore licenses, join session to someone on my server... literally every trick I could think of. Never was able to get back on. Hey WC, your XBox users say there is issues with the DNS and network address resolution. Care to publicly acknowledge the problem?
  3. PS4... also running into “Cannot Join. Connection Timeout.” errors. To make matters worse, we can’t edit our primary and secondary DNS. I’ve tried connecting to Legacy-PS4-NA servers and NA-PVE-PS4Official servers. Same thing in both places. Couldn’t login last night and tried for 2hrs (had a slew of giga babies out). Can’t login today.
  4. PS4 Connection Issues? Related to the XBox Issue? So... I am playing with friends on the apS4 version. Each of us are having to try joining a server, have the connection timeout, and try again 30 minutes later to maybe get connected. Is this related in any way with the connection issues that XBox users were/are experiencing?
  5. Unable to Connect So.... was there some unannounced maintenance on servers? My tribe and I (8+ people) cannot connect to our servers. One of them can’t transfer servers. I have multiple PS4s and they are located at different physical locations. I have tried logging in at both and can’t connect. So... DILO?
  6. Oh the joys of ARK bugs... I came back to game after a 3-4 month hiatus. I wish I had checked the forums before. YouTube Vid of Bug with Cryopodded Valguero Ice Wyvern Babyi
  7. Murdering the boyfriend... sounds like a great relationship builder in ark, lol
  8. Ehhh... our boss rexs hatch with 15k hp and 561 melee on legacy.... paired with an apprentice saddle and levels put into them to get to 40k hp and 850-1100 melee, they let us do what we need to do for ele from alpha boss runs with a single yuty.
  9. PS4 - Legacy TheCenter It has been pondered for months, but I did make the decision in January to strike out and setup a tribe and base. I had always been playing with a large group of friends on the legacy servers and having fun, yet we all have our projects and my breeding projects need a tame cap of their own. 50 Managarmrs doesn't sound like much, but I haven't been able to uncryo my breeders in weeks due to the 200+ boss rexs and gigas that we've been raising. Ugh... I got a whole cryofridge full of babies too! I cry a little inside each time I look at it. I spent one week sketching out the main base building, revising it, running numbers and revising again. I decided to try to incorporate some Japanese style elements into the design and after tallying up the resources I needed, I had knocked out some stacks of stone foundations, walls, ceilings, and slopes before going over. Before the V-day event got going, I had completed the main building pictured below. Trashy giga had to be left on aggressive in dino leash as raptors, poo throwers and a whole menagerie of crap was spawning within the behe gated area... and I got a thing against building random foundations or pillar/ladder/ceiling combos and killing resource spawns in the yard. HOWEVER! This weekend, I made major progress. In building the large dinos' nursery as well as the kitchen extension and storehouse, it seems I have successfully killed the spawns of my larger problems (alpha raptor, raptors, poo throwers, titanboas, troodons and bugs have stopped). I was able to unpod my utility dinos and leave them outside without them being attacked by anything. Thus, I started unpodding my kibble dinos and painfully placing them on their tiers inside. Also got around to throwing down the ind forge and loading it up with metal so I can start converting foundations. Now I just need to decide where and how I want to build the greenhouse... Note to self... need to make dyes. Building needs paint.
  10. Ravager or Thyla. Granted, you got to have some good bloodlines for both, but where the thyla doesn’t fit, the ravager does. Not to mention the fact that you can use zip lines with the ravagers.
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