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  1. Yep, thanks, that was it — replacement cook pot works fine!
  2. Lazarus Chowder Not Cooking Can’t cook Lazarus Chowder on XBox. All ingredients are there, have done it many times before, and other things cook up just fine. This means no Exceptional Kibble, either, because I’m missing this key ingredient.
  3. Yep, we have all three. And you’re right about heavily curated; we have a very few pieces of Structures Plus, but it’s almost nothing. i wouldn’t want a free for all, but nothing isn’t the right solution.
  4. Honestly, I would much prefer devs spend time making mods accessible to us console folks, rather than closing one of the very few bonuses we have.
  5. Makes sense that the timing is off. See my other reply: at least on all the games so far it’s *exactly* 42 levels, so do need to try a low level tame.
  6. Just noticed that it’s suspiciously *exactly* 42 levels. I’ve not yet tried with a low-level tame, but did spot a pretty Yuty lass on my way back from Rag’s desert biome; she wasn’t high level and I do want to start a special egg farm...
  7. Confirmed: * Rex kept all levels. * Tamed 140 otter to 200, froze, took to Island from Rag, got 42 additional levels to spend.
  8. Settings should be the same, I’ll check. Great idea about going back to Rag and see if the levels stay, will give it a try.
  9. That’s why I’m thinking it’s a bug.
  10. No, it’s not passive — they’re tamed, frozen, flown across the river to the green obelisk, loaded to it, then my survivor. I go to main menu, choose Island, hop out of the bed by red obelisk, grab em and fly to base straddling the waterfall. They’re frozen for no more than ten minutes. Single player XBox, some bumps but nothing to account for additional 40 some more levels since a few minutes before. And doesn’t happen with my older tames, just the new, freshly tamed.
  11. Wonder if it’s map specific... care to try another experiment? Go to Ragnarok, tame up a dino, freeze it — then take it to The Island before unfreezing. It’s worked this way twice on my XBox. And thanks for the tests you already did! Wish a vendor I’m working with right now was that diligent.
  12. Yep, exactly. I have a wonderfully ridiculous Argie and Griffin now. Suspect this will be nerfed soon.
  13. New Tame Cryopod Extra Levels Since making Cryopods in drops, I’ve noticed a new quirk: 1) Tame a dino, it gets the additional levels from taming as usual 2) Cryopod it before doing anything else 3) Take it back to base and unfreeze it 4) Get the additional taming levels *on top* of the ones Dino already received This has been happening every time on my XBox, not sure if it’s the case on PC.
  14. I'm sitting with the message to go to inventory to level up, but when I do, it's just the inventory, and I'm not seeing any way to *do* anything to level up or bump up things like Speed. Leave inventory to go back into the game, and the message remains. Thanks, appreciate any guidance you can give!
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