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  1. If you teleport to another biome on Genesis with the space whale (Astrocetus) it gets stuck into the ground. I tried recently to teleport with hiperjump out of the ground and it worked on Lunar biome. After that i teleported to Oceanic biome, Astrocetus got stuck on the ground, i tried to hiperjump out but the antimesh system destroyed it with all the items. Coords of the issue are 59640 -183176 4861 -5.52 -16.11. Also if you use climbing picks on lunar to climb on terrain (like big rocks, cave walls, etc) sometimes it teleports you out of the map and kills you without deathbox or Log message.
  2. Oieru is right!!! At first , extinction creatures were the best in the game (managarmr ,velonosaur , gacha , etc) . After several updates the abilities of those creatures were reduced at half or eaven lower. When managarmr appeared on ark for the very beginning i killed a giga from high range with no problem. Now , i have to move close to a dino just to freeze it a little. Same thing with gacha : when extinction map was released , a gacha fed with proper food dropped crystals with mastercraft or ascendant items very easy. Now , i have to open a lot of crystals to get maximum a mastercraft item at it's lowest quality. I think no-one cares on PvE if you kill a wild dino with a primitive pick or an ascendant rifle.
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