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  1. major single player save bug i started a new singleplayer save and a few days later on my new save i found structures and tames from ages ago on my first save it says there in a different tribe what on earth is going on?!
  2. Taming a pack of moschops thinking they would protect me. Using a lvl30 frog to do the swamp cave. i actually did it twice before it died surprisingly. also forgetting to set my tapa on passive when i was taming the giga was just able to nip him on the ledge poor thing was one of my favourites and had a mastercraft saddle.
  3. or make some kind of parasaur repellent
  4. the devs just said they are gonna make a way to have more tames you have to get element from bosses but i think it solves it for the most part.
  5. i think it also changes tributes but i’m not sure
  6. that’s wierd maybe it’s random
  7. i chased my quetz to the redwoods then used a tapejara to land on the side of the trees then shoot it take off and repeat
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