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  1. major single player save bug i started a new singleplayer save and a few days later on my new save i found structures and tames from ages ago on my first save it says there in a different tribe what on earth is going on?!
  2. Taming a pack of moschops thinking they would protect me. Using a lvl30 frog to do the swamp cave. i actually did it twice before it died surprisingly. also forgetting to set my tapa on passive when i was taming the giga was just able to nip him on the ledge poor thing was one of my favourites and had a mastercraft saddle.
  3. i would love that i have so much stuff and no one to share it with this is something i’ve wanted for a long time
  4. or make some kind of parasaur repellent
  5. official but i don’t play on it any more
  6. Toadtamer

    Mobile tame limit

    the devs just said they are gonna make a way to have more tames you have to get element from bosses but i think it solves it for the most part.
  7. just so you know the quality of the tool saddle or weapon is random. i’ve done some pursuits on different servers and i also think difficulty has something to do with the quality to but i’m not sure
  8. another good option is a terror bird
  9. try killing things where there found
  10. Toadtamer


    cave notes are the best for getting lvls also just doing caves
  11. Toadtamer


    i’m not sure the devs read these but these are awesome suggestions the wyvern especially
  12. the compost bin and the 5 amber vase i think that’s it
  13. the arthrapluera also had problems with creatures blocking the path
  14. There quetzals and arges
  15. Toadtamer

    Ark ascension

    no... we still don’t have other maps and many other creatures
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