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  1. Spookypapi

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Pissed Prim + isn’t included.
  2. What the hell wildcard!!! Patch up the switch version!!!
  3. Spookypapi

    Terrible Port and Product

    I’m starting to have very little faith that they will invest the time and money for the Switch version. Actually the more I realize wild card doesn’t even respond to concerns makes me feel like my money was wasted on this game for switch and PS4
  4. I am having a problem with my platform saddle for my Paracer. I can build a structure on the platform but when I log back on the structure does not move with it, it just floats in the air! Any idea if this will be fixed? Come on Wild card! It’s been a while since any update for Switch! Can you fix this?
  5. Spookypapi

    So What’s up Wild Card?????

    It’s a shame because I’ve spent a lot of money on this game from buying it on PS4 and buying the dlcs for it and buying a copy for my son on PS4 too with all the dlc. Then buying two copies again for my son and I on the switch because we want to support Nintendo. Just sad that they don’t care to interact more with their fans. I hope they put more effort into updating this game for switch. Maybe then would more people play.
  6. When are you updating the game for switch??? Real answers would be nice. All I’m seeing is just gossip and nothing from devs on here. Be nice if an actual dev would give honest answers.
  7. So when will there be any updates for the Switch? Do you guys plan on fixing the game at all? Or did you put it out and have people waste their money? Just a curious player looking for real answers not just hearsay.
  8. Spookypapi

    Switch Wonderland????

    So is Switch getting the Christmas update or no? Seems like it’s a no and that’s pretty sad. I hope Wildcard doesn’t abandon this game on Switch. I know many aren’t playing or disappointed but it has potential, hopefully more dlc and patches will come soon.