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  1. sluggo5

    Notes didn't work

    i did mine in SP with your commands, thank you very much. got my skin on official now.
  2. Notes didn't work went to all 5 note locations on official with HLN-A out and didn't get credit for each note. she did her speech at each note, just no credit given. now i can't get the skin. ideas?
  3. to chime in like one poster said, there is no certain way to make him land. i will point out tho that me and one other tribemate regularly farm beta on official now. having only two of us in the arena seems to work out best. it seems more people confuse the manticore AI more and it doesn't land. it lands very often for us, sometimes we don't even have to use the shotguns. it's still random tho, it's likely we are just lucky.
  4. Why has this still yet to be fixed!? this was literally the reason i was so excited to play on this map as i came from extinction with not playing any other map on official yet. it's been actual months since release and nothing. bunch of cry babies had their fire wyvern spawns broken and you fix that in only a week or two. it's so frustrating how little WC cares about water tames.
  5. as soon as you kill the mosas or plesi you see. that's it. no more spawn, unless you are really lucky. after the server update i went down there and saw squids, plesi no mosa but, i assumed one would spawn. we cleared them all out because they were low levels. after hours and hours... not a single thing has spawned back. whatever they did needs to be fixed. no fire wyverns are spawning, abb cave is baren and the water has always been bad.
  6. if you have to tame anything in the wastelands, make sure to let it starve for the full amount of time needed for the tame. that way you don't waste kibble and have things spawn on your tames.
  7. no, not a single one died that got to juv. im not even sure they were eating from my troughs after the fact. after i posed that i did claim another gacha at 11%. I will be testing this more and leaving gachas to do their own thing without the event. i assume they will die.
  8. during this event, i have left all my gachas on breeding. as long as i claim them before they reach juv. i actually don't have to feed them. i have had a few die but, i have managed to raise about 3 without even feeding them once. im not sure what they are getting food from but, i watch them eat and watch their food stat jump up and down all the time. seems to be a little broken but, easy raise.
  9. http://dododex.com/ This is a really decent site to use for taming anything. keep in mind for the gacha that is stacks of 10 for walls etc... if that doesn't make sense, let me know.
  10. well, this was a panicked rough start to the event. thankfully i used one owl to test the start of the event and the rest of the event went perfectly fine. got lots of giga babies a giant leap forward this event.
  11. just need to introduce myself to gain access to the trading forums. currently working hard on ; Allosaur, Rex and abberant spino lines. im sure actually setting up trades in this section is 100% useless so... hi.
  12. The event seems to be broken. i actually can't breed for the duration of the event if this does not get fixed. Imprint timers remain at 8 hours. the actual amount of imprint percent is not increased. this means anything i try to raise will not have a chance to get 100%. gestation timer is still full time so this makes breeding mammals a waste of time. this is not a personal bug, this is common with a friend on the same server. please fix this ASAP, i planned on getting my new giga ready. now i have to wait till the event is over to raise it.
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