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  1. Just checked on other servers its not just the new map. its gone from all maps gone from the list and now i'm wondering if we lost the engrams spent on them too. i did see that the ones already installed are still in place at least.
  2. flex cable on valguero Did you intend to add flex cable to the engrams you can learn on valguero? we cant find it.
  3. we just had 2x like on all weekends they dont do events and 2x during the week
  4. wait how will this new rule affect someone who breeds jerboas for color? Yes im serious and before anyone complains about why you would breed jerboas and not rexes or something, we can raise what we want. Now since it seems your enforcement team has been acting unilaterally how can we be sure they wont be banning breeders because some other player has a bug up his butt about the server capping when it takes more than one tribe to cap a server and they decide to start crying wolf?
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