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  1. Haven’t said anything about the 2x everybody missed that uses it on extinction. I missed on multiple drops, and over 5k element because of it.
  2. Still now corrupted, osd, or veins Even after the update just note there are still no corrupted dinos. They are all invisible, drops are invisible, and can’t find any element veins because they are still invisible on Xbox. There has been no admin support, they have been invisible all weekend and nobody has been able to use 2x weekend because of it. Can you guys please fix this game breaker? You guys broke it with the last major update, and now they just can’t be seen on extinction. Thank you
  3. Can we get more ragnarock maps, and center maps? Can we please get more ragnarock and center maps? Why do we only have 1 each for crossplay? When rag is the most played map in the game? And center map is second most played server cause we all use it to farm multiple things.
  4. What is going to be done about those on extinction not able to do element veins, odd drops, or see any corrupted nodes? I can’t see any of them at all so I’ve been stuck sitting in my base because I need element and I can’t do anything to get it on extinction.
  5. Extinction corrupted invisible I just lost my best 19.6k health, 485 stamina, and 405 melee giga because I can’t see corrupted Dino’s on extinction. What is going on? And after I respawned at my bed I got kicked and now I can’t even find any servers to log into. I had the giga in a cryo pod flying on a snow owl towards sunken forest from the city, I got my snow owl but I guess there’s too many corrupted dinos cause every time I tried to land i would start taking damage immediately and had to take off again or risk losing my only snow owl. I have eggs that I have to raise but I’m pissed that I lost my giga.
  6. They really need to fix their crap. I’ve probably lost both of my Raptors my tribe and I managed to tame, and probably a decent chunk of materials I had in my inventory cause I moving them to base.
  7. People were doing the duplication glitch. And instead of punishing those that are breaking the rules, they punish everyone on the server. I’m still getting login lock.
  8. Why are we still dealing with login lock? Seriously? Pve crossplay official server 842 rag is locked right now. How hard is it to find somebody that knows how to code properly? Damn I’ve been playing ark since day one. I have never cheated on an official server, and only ever cheated by spawning in items for my base on my own private single player server.(back before they had creative mode) but we are all being punished because people don’t want to play the game like normal? I own the game, season pass, and genesis pass on all three systems. Please fix this. It’s been almost an hour now.
  9. Windssoul1995

    X2 Evo

    Why doesn’t Valguero have a 2x weekend None of the valgeuro servers have 2x anything on them. Is there a reason why when the community crunch says all servers including valgeuro have 2x this weekend
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