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  1. I don't understand u guys... You teased new content for all players. Nobody expected the release of this map (which is great btw). So you didn't have had a deadline for this release. So why didn't u wait until cert process or whatever has always to be done more for consoles has passed to. It could have been the first time for an all platform release bcause u had time. Now it's like always. The pc gamer are already bored of the content when it's released on consoles.
  2. It won't change anything. It just replaces one species for another. Tribes who have 50 Dinos of 25 species in their kibbl farm now will have 50 Dinos of 5 species after the rework. It just makes the game easier for casual players. I like the complexity of the actual system.
  3. Best info here. More Dlc for Ark ?
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