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  1. Imagine this You your getting ready to go off the sever for the day, but just before you leave you hop on your best flyer bring it as high as you please and disconnect, if we could stay on flyers after disconnect imagine all the players doing that to protect their best flyer, staying on said flyer while offline protecting their bird from all dangers just to log back in to still be on that bird just to continue their day as normal
  2. My first death was by a jellyfish They were glowing so i naturally check it out
  3. Jaykid432

    Bee Hive Bug

    I just tried it on ps4 and you get to hives but only one has the queen
  4. Jaykid432

    Best ways to tame a meg without being destroyed?

    Jellfish spawn pretty much everywhere megs spawn I built a raft trap to tame my meg
  5. Jaykid432

    Best ways to tame a meg without being destroyed?

    What map did this happen on
  6. Jaykid432

    winter wonderland in a nutshell

    Even if the event is optional,the event should be some what like the first winter wonderland
  7. Jaykid432

    Looking for the best map.

    Extinction seems to have some aberrent resources on it but no (tameable) aberrent dinos
  8. Jaykid432

    Meat Spoil Times

    You can get the meat just before the egg hatches and check on the meat every 30 mins or so
  9. Jaykid432

    Saddle Restraint System

    This seems like a good idea but knowing wildcard they would probably buff the timers
  10. Jaykid432

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    To be fair its best they make the game for pc first as it is hard to make games for consle im just glad we get on consle and dont have to wait years for a port