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  1. On 12/14/2019 at 11:54 AM, tbfrnritunbv6 said:

    What I don't understand is that they claim to have a fix ready two days ago, yet don't implement it.

    I find this baffling, honestly. There's probably lots of people out there who have no idea that this is a current bug, who might lose stuff due to this and even though the devs have something ready, they don't patch it out right away? Why would you do that?

    So, I just didn't play any Ark over the weekend, because what I had planned to do (beat bosses with my rexes) is impossible right now.


  2. There’s poison air in the cave which will kill you pretty soon if you do not wear either a gas mask or scuba armor. Since scuba armor breaks easily, it’s best to use a gas mask in combination with other stuff. The cave is hot, hence the ghillie. Alternatively, you can sit on a dino to help you get through the cave. This has an added bonus of avoiding the arthropleura’s spit attack (if the mount is large enough), which will destroy your armor and gas mask in seconds. Megatheriums are best by far, but they don’t fit through the entrance and some passage inside, so you’ll need a cryopod as well.

  3. Okay, so indeed this isn't a problem with the Megapithecus per se, but with all my rexes. Well, that kind of makes the game unplayable right now, since I planned to do a bunch of boss fights with my rex army. Hurray!

    I hope a fix is coming soon? Would be a shame if people didn't know about this stuff and actually lost their armies because of something silly as this. Lucky I'm a SP player and could revert to a save not too long ago..

  4. Boss Battle is Unplayable - Megapithecus Doesn't Take Damage!!!

    Just did Alpha Megapithecus. Aside from the other apes getting way too much knockback and even knocking back Rexes, the Megapithecus doesn't take any damage from my dinos. It's as if he's not even there, the rexes attack all the smaller monkeys, but don't target the main boss at all and when I use the 'Attack this Target' command, I can see the attacking animation, but the boss isn't getting any damage at all.

    The dino I'm riding can damage him and I can damage him with weapons, but it's completely broken obviously if dinos don't deal any damage. Tried the same thing with Beta and Gamma and he doesn't take damage there either. What's up with this?

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  5. But don't spawn in the Artifact, but the Artifact Container, if you want to get the achievement.

    I had a similar issue with it not spawning, but then it did spawn a second time I entered. Leave the area (not just the cave, but literally go away a long distance) maybe and come back?

  6. On 12/4/2019 at 12:39 PM, Graviphoton said:

    I don not know if there is console on XBOX but you can try command 

    to get list of Giganotosaurus in current map.

    This does not work in Single Player, because in SP the game world only loads the region that's close to you. So if there's a GIga nearby it will work, but otherwise not.


    For the OP: try doing an occasional dino wipe and then look for them near the top of mountains. I see them quite often there.

  7. 18 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    It's old, might have changed since but there's no mention in newer patch notes of it changing.


    I don't really feel like looking through all the Patch Notes to see if that has changed, but I kind of feel like it has. My SP dinos need to be almost similar to the recommended health/melee for officials in order to beat them. Maybe slightly weaker (since I have pretty bad saddles), but definitely not 67%. That seems excessive. Is there anybody who could confirm this?

  8. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Single_Player


    Copy-pasted here:


  9. I did the beta Megapithecus with 19 rexes between 15-22k health and 400-450% damage. I rode a Yutyrannus with 20k health. I lost two rexes, one of which had no saddle and one of which had a bad saddle. All other rexes had 49.9 armor saddles, which is sadly the best I have.

  10. Are you on Single Player? On my map there's still two DodoRexes in different locations. If you haven't killed it/them, it stays until you do (or until you use the DestroyWildDinos command). This should also be the case for official severs, I believe. DodoRexes that haven't been killed yet remain until a dino wipe occurs.

  11. Build small outposts on random locations, and your main base somewhere in the middle of the map. This gives you more options to tame specific stuff. Get some good dinos to explore with; an Argentavis is a game changer, but my trusty Thylacoleo is as well. I got lucky finding two high level rexes to breed my rex army. They're obviously not the best they could be, but they got the job done. Raiding caves is fun as well, but require some preparation, especially those in which you can't easily take tames into.


    I'm currently underway to leave the island, after having played there on SP for well over 350 hours. I have done the Broodmother and the Monkey. I need to clear the Snow Cave and the hard underwater cave before I can do the Dragon, which I'm both doing soon.


    Good luck!

  12. I beat the Beta Monkey for the first time yesterday. Went in with 18 rexes and 1 Yuty. I lost my two worst rexes. One was unsaddled and died quite quickly, the other had a saddle and died half way through. All the other rexes had a few thousand HP left, which left me to wonder .. what if the two rexes that died had a (better) saddle?

    The gamma broodmother was more difficult and the beta broodmother beat my ass the other day (I tried that out when I backed up my savegame just to make sure - my rexes are nowhere near the suggested levels in health/melee), so I think I have some more leveling up to do before I can take on the Dragon, which is next on my list. Gamma Ascension is good enough for me, I kind of just want to get off the Island now to continue my adventures on Scorched Earth.

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