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  1. I just saw two Pteranodons fly from out of the water I did not record any of this, so I have no proof, but I saw two Pteranodons flying next two each other and as I flew closer I could see both where flying under water. They appeared right there, surfaced and then continued flying in a straight line. Had to blink to make sure it was what I was seeing, but apparently the dinobirds have found a way to take their flight under the waves. Anyone else see this sort of thing before?
  2. Oh wow, is this a thing? I didn't even know that. Bah!
  3. Why do Tek Dinos poop? Well? I think it's kind of strange that they even attack other creatures. Do they really even eat meat or berries? Would they not require electricity (or element (dust)) to run?
  4. I know it's not really an issue, but it just bothers me. As far as I know, it's on Oil (also Basilosaurus oil) and Propellant. It doesn't stop you from using it, but it's just annoying to see that symbol on perfectly usable items.
  5. I know there are other, more serious issues, but this one I find particularly annoying for some reason. What's the status on this?
  6. In a way this is hilarious, because it's so random.
  7. Iced Jars / Canteens spoiling in a fridge So, I get that water disappearing is a thing on this map and I like the 'harsh environment' survival aspect of it, but what I don't get is that my water is disappearing from water jars and canteens while they are inside a refrigerator. This may not even be a bug, but it just just doesn't make any sense. I actually only found out about this just now, because in the past I never bothered to make Iced Jars/Canteens, as I took an Iced Canteen on one of the caving trips, only to find out that it was actually empty the moment I wanted to drink from it. This will probably never get addressed, since a lot of Scorched gets neglected (unfortunately ), but I still wanted to make a post about it!
  8. That would explain it, yes!
  9. Crop Plots are bugged On my Genesis game, crop plots will randomly stop showing fertilizer, even though it's clearly in the inventory. Also, as soon as I put a seed in them, they disappear and a plant starts growing (this is the normal part), but when I return (not really tested, but I think when I travel to a different biome) the plant is gone and the plot says 'not seeded'. Kind of makes growing plants a bit tedious if I really have to stay near them. Thanks for checking out!
  10. Helena Intro Scene every time I download character Every time I use the mission start to upload my character, go to a different map and then return to Genesis, I get the HLN-A intro animation and speech as if it was my first time on the map. This is pretty annoying, as I tend to go back and forth between different maps occasionally. Happening on Steam SP.
  11. 'Not allowed' sign on items. A bunch of items have gotten a 'not allowed' sign in the top right corner when you check them in your inventory. Most of these are items I get from completing missions, like massively overpowered saddles and weapons (or a Titanosaur saddle - seriously?). I read that this 'not allowed' sign means that you can't grind the item for materials, which kind of makes sense, since some of the missions are fairly easy to complete. However: why are various random items also affected? I'm talking about oil (every oil, like regular, but also the oil Basilosaurus generates) and propellant for example, possibly ohers too. Thing is, it's not just happening on the Genesis map, but on every single map I play on, oil has this 'not allowed' sign in the top right corner. Pretty strange, confusing and unnecessary. What's up with this?
  12. So, what's the status on these? Still haven't seen one and the wiki lists it as a 'mission encounter' only, meaning that you would only see them in missions and that they're actually not tameable, yet some people here actually have one. The wiki doesn't have anything on where it's supposed to spawn, yet for all other creatures in Genesis it does. Would be good to get some official word on whether these are supposed to be in-game to tame, or that they're just a mission spawn and everybody who somehow tamed them so far has gotten really lucky.
  13. Scroll down in the list of story arks? It's still in there, but you have to scroll down.
  14. Alpha Manta is perfectly doable ... in SP. I can imagine all the issues on a server make it a lot more difficult.
  15. I just got four cryopods from a lootcrate, so that's a way of getting them too.
  16. Well weird.. exited to main menu in front of a glitch, reloaded the game and then it worked. Wow.
  17. Glitches do not work anymore (SP) Since the latest update, I do not the 'Hold E to fix Glitch' message and holding E doesn't do anything, so I can't fix them now. Anyone else with this issue?
  18. Have seen a couple of spinos, but not the rest on SP.
  19. Well, you can't stay underwater forever. Case in point, try taming a basilosaurus while never going up for oxygen; impossible.
  20. Isn't Moeder like in the deepest part of the ocean? Basilos get hurt when they swim too deep.
  21. To me, the Lunar Biome is this insane place you don't really want to go to, unless you really have to (which in my case, hasn't really happened). I have no idea how to build up there, I die all the time by everything and moving around is a nightmare if you don't have proper gear (and I have no clue what gear I need). 'Very Hard' is an understatement here
  22. I spent 1,5 hours doing the Beta Bloodstalker race and finally got it, so yes, it is possible. I have no idea how to cut 14 seconds off that to do the Alpha version (definitely not the same timers, I checked).
  23. You're not max level yet, you get more levels (and thus more engram points) by ascending off the Island and Aberration and by maxing a Chibi pet.
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