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  1. Well, you can't stay underwater forever. Case in point, try taming a basilosaurus while never going up for oxygen; impossible.
  2. Isn't Moeder like in the deepest part of the ocean? Basilos get hurt when they swim too deep.
  3. To me, the Lunar Biome is this insane place you don't really want to go to, unless you really have to (which in my case, hasn't really happened). I have no idea how to build up there, I die all the time by everything and moving around is a nightmare if you don't have proper gear (and I have no clue what gear I need). 'Very Hard' is an understatement here
  4. I spent 1,5 hours doing the Beta Bloodstalker race and finally got it, so yes, it is possible. I have no idea how to cut 14 seconds off that to do the Alpha version (definitely not the same timers, I checked).
  5. You're not max level yet, you get more levels (and thus more engram points) by ascending off the Island and Aberration and by maxing a Chibi pet.
  6. At the moment transferring doesn’t cure swamp fever either, so pregnancy probably also doesn’t get aborted.
  7. There's a ton of metal underwater too. You can't expect an 'Ocean' biome to sustain all your needs by never actually going into the ocean, right? The map is supposed to be played underwater obviously, that's why it's labeled as 'hard'. Sure, surviving there for a while is easy, as swimming around takes little effort, but actually building up stuff there? Yes, that is hard. Good luck. Or do as I did; build up somewhere else, gather resources for a raft and bring stuff to the ocean. From there on tame your first water mounts and go down. Things that are new can be frightening, but they can also
  8. I have absolutely no problems building up in the bog. My base is on higher ground with most of the resources I need close by. Go to SW, look to your left after spawning in and there’s a good rock formation on which you can build.
  9. Yes, it's easier t survive. but getting resources to build up in the ocean is hard, especially since there's barely anywhere to build.
  10. Solo player with a small base in the bog at the moment. Also owner of a raft and a basilosaurus in the Ocean Biome. Yes, it's a bit difficult at first, but keep at it, and you'll get somewhere eventually. Get out of the middle of the swamp and build on higher ground somewhere on the edges of the map. That helps.
  11. The creature list doesn't even contain Dodos, which definitely do spawn. I've seen Wyverns during the Bog Beatdown mission.
  12. nonsense - I bet there's a lot of people enjoying this, myself included. Plus, isn't it everybody's own choice to decide whether or not they'll give money before knowing what the finished product is going to be like?
  13. My resolution changed because of the update and turning it back to what it was fixed it for me.
  14. Thank you for Genesis! Way too many negative threads here. I’m really enjoying this new map and all the challenges it gives. It’s beautiful, something different (this is a good thing!) and provides a new look at ark’s core mechanics. There’s a lot to take in and also a lot to figure out, but I enjoy that challenge. It was worth the wait for me and I’m loving the grind to get to the higher tier stuff. Thank you for releasing the most polished and complete expansion pack yet! (and keep negative comments out please, there’s enough other places to spill your thoughts)
  15. Multiple ones. One very close to the Bog Beatdown mission near SW spawn spot.
  16. Scrap that, just noticed that you can get Cryopods from HLN-A.
  17. Good question. Replicator is the only thing on Genesis that can make Cryopods, so I hope there’s a way to get that thing on these too.
  18. I like the challenges the new expansion gives us by being different from just being just another random chunk of land people do the exact same things on as on other maps.
  19. Everybody saying the bog is a hard place to survive as a low level character is playing a completely different game from me. Volcano kills me in a couple minutes, Lunar even faster (-15 degrees, seriously!?) and the Ocean, while easy to survive in, doesn't really give space to progress at the beginning due to little to no building spots. So I stay a the bog to start off and that's going fine. Oh - and to bring some positivity to this thread: I am, for one, enjoying the DLC. Yes, it's different. That's good. Would you seriously want yet another one of the same things (as in, a new map wit
  20. Yeah, but this kind of silly stuff has happened on all the maps; getting saddles in drops for creatures not on the map etc.
  21. That last one looks astounding
  22. I'm not complaining at all, I'm merely suggesting that there's probably going to be stuff in there that we don't know about yet. Do you really think Wildcard showed us everything already?
  23. Can’t be just 5. A bunch of them are Apex predators as well (Astrocetus, Magmasaur, Giant Turtle, Bloodstalker), where’s the smaller ones?
  24. But what I think is strange is that every new biome only has one new tame. Surely we should get more new creatures, right?
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