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  1. I'm not complaining at all, I'm merely suggesting that there's probably going to be stuff in there that we don't know about yet. Do you really think Wildcard showed us everything already?
  2. Can’t be just 5. A bunch of them are Apex predators as well (Astrocetus, Magmasaur, Giant Turtle, Bloodstalker), where’s the smaller ones?
  3. But what I think is strange is that every new biome only has one new tame. Surely we should get more new creatures, right?
  4. Call it something else then, like a 'hype' trailer. I don't care, just anything to watch and see new stuff.
  5. Learn to play the piano! That'll keep you occupied for a while
  6. I hope we get a launch trailer or something like that in the next Community Crunch. Basically more info on what going to be in there. That said, I already have my Season Pass and I am looking forward. Part of the excitement (for me) is having no idea what it will be like.
  7. Given that we don't even know exactly what's going to be in the first one, I doubt anyone can answer anything about the second installment.
  8. this is a ridiculous solution for a problem that should be easily solvable. No you do not regain stamina when you're underwater, which is pretty silly if you ask me.
  9. > Not bad > 30% pillared What?
  10. PC Steam Single Player Scorched Earth (and I assume every map). Thought it was just me, but good to see (is it?) it affecting others too. I'd enjoy a fix for sure!
  11. I seriously don't understand why people are filing for bloody refunds. You want to play this game, right? So you already bought it and you can play it whenever it comes out. Why is the refund even necessary? I bet you're going to get the game again anyway when it comes out. Just wait a couple more weeks and don't be an impatient entitled prick. Who gives a damn whether it comes out on January 31st or February 25th? It'll be good (I hope) and when it's released we can all enjoy it.
  12. Those screenshots are awesome. Stoked to play this when it gets out. I can't be arsed that it's pushed back a month to be honest. I have enough stuff to do in the original game and its expansions (like finally get around to playing Aberration and Extinction).
  13. I sincerely hope this is the case, but I can't try now. Can anyone confirm?
  14. I crafted mine without any problems whatsoever at an obelisk. I'm not exactly sure whether you can do it at a supply crate, but I'm not even going to try. Getting all the materials in one before it disappears is probably impossible. Besides, why would I need more than one Tek Replicator?
  15. A Pelagornis was literally the first flying tame I got on my first Valguero playthrough. I vote Scorched Earth, by the way.
  16. Yeah, this is likely going to be a problem. Balancing shouldn't be done be nerfing poop, but by providing a good counter alternative. Someone in this very thread posted the idea of making Manas very vulnerable to fire (even torches). This would make sense (they're an 'Ice Jumper' after all), balance it more than this this nerf does and on top of that, it would give players an incentive to use Flamethrowers & Fire Arrows (very underused currently) and even Torches in battle.
  17. Currently doing Scorched Earth from the ground up, and it would not have been possible so far without my Morellatops. In none of my other playthroughs or sessions did I have to rely on a single creature this much. Very map-specific, but that doesn't make the answer less true. Obviously I'm not going to harvest much metal with this thing or do the Manticore battle, but still. Go Camelsaurus! On the Island the 'best' answer is probably Argentavis, Rex and/or Ankylosaurus. But then again, 'every' (read: a lot of the) creature(s) has their uses. No one is absolutely the best at everything.
  18. Do a dino wipe to get them to show up. They're everywhere, seriously.
  19. This is actually a fantastic solution, because it would both solve the OP problem and give little-used stuff a new purpose.
  20. The Megapithecus can be done with way lesser rexes than you have there, although I don't get how 20 rexes with 80k health and 800% damage can't beat the Alpha Broodmother with no casualties. Granted, I've only done Beta Brood, but I did that with 17 rexes roughly 22k health & 600% damage, backed by one sick Megatherium and a Yuty for the courage roar.
  21. well, there's a workaround for this, you know.. but it's still a hassle.
  22. Raptor Claus = Santa Open the gift boxes he drops to receive stuff. They last not very long (like beacons, but shorter), so you kind of need to follow him as soon as you can. Coal and Mistletoe you receive from him can be traded for stuff at GachaClaus, which are roaming the map as well.
  23. It has. Hurray! Just beat the Alpha Megapithecus with the army, I can finally move on with this game.
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