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  1. I tamed my first Quetzal with the infamous parachute & tranq arrow method. It wasn’t ‘easy’ as it took quite some time, but it was a lot of fun.
  2. @DonaldDuck the big rock in the background of your old base is where I have mine. Great spot! What made you move?
  3. Buying all the maps separately was more expensive than the Season Pass. Buying everything in a Steam Sale was a lot cheaper. ARK is second on the list of games I have put the most time in and I’ve only been playing for 9 months. The game gives insane value for money.
  4. They are much smaller than you think. You can find the coordimates on the ark wiki. They are definitely there, but only two can exist at any time. If you pick up one of them, it will spawn in another location. I don’t know of there’s any reset timers or that they spawn again immediately.
  5. I have never in my playtime seen a Megalosaurus on the Island. I’ve even seen more Liopleurodons, which seem to show up every now and then.
  6. Well, thanks for pointing out I can screw up my game any way I want (I was already well aware of the possibilities) but I prefer to play it legitimately without using any cheats.
  7. Single Player Settings (if you have that box ticked) already boosts taming by 2,5x. In order to get 10x with that box ticked, you only need to type in 4.0 in the slider (since they stack; 4.0x2.5=10)
  8. That’s actually a lot less than other playthroughs make you think. Is beta or alpha doable as well then as a solo player? Gotta have to be, because there’s still tons of room for improvement in these set-ups. Does the Dragon with just a megaloceros and a shotgun seriously work? That’s quite insane. I have an ascendant pump-action shotgun with ~360% damage (very lucky loot-drop, I guess!), so that’s promising. I have barely any useful saddles. Most of the stuff I get from drops, be it blueprint or actual saddle, are for creatures I don’t really use.
  9. Thanks for your replies, yet again. I’ll really have to look into how to beat the bosses soon, I think, because I have almost all the artifacts now. I have the breeding to do (is it necessary on SP? Can I just take good tames instead?) for a good boss army as well. darkholis, I’d like to join your cluster sometime, but I’ll be on holiday soon. I also can’t commit to playing this game every day due to work obligations and generally not wanting to have to spend time on this game every day. Those are basically the main reasons why I’m playing SP.
  10. Ah, cool. So he takes his original Island character, but leaves all stuff like items and tames? I think I’m going to do the same then. I thought this was the right way! I actually really want to beat the Island soon, because I want to see what SE and Abe look like when playing.
  11. My SP settings are alright; did some tweaking to them indeed. I thought story-wise I have yo use the same character, yes. As of now I have a good base on the Island, but like I said; that took a lot of time to make, including dinos and all. First I’ll have to beat the island though!
  12. Beating the game solo (all maps in a row) .. how? My plan is to beat the entire game solo, or at least try to to as well as I can. I'm playing SP at the moment, because I don't have the means, nor the time to commit to a PvE or PvP server to which I'll have to log in every day in order to not die and lose my stuff. I'm currently well underway on the Island. I have all but 3 artifacts (Snow Cave, Swamp Cave and Lost Hope), but I haven't beaten a boss yet. I bought both Scorched Earth & Aberration when they were on sale on Steam, but I have never even played them, because I don't want them 'spoiled' when I get there. I understand that in order to do the 'right' thing story-wise, I'll have to do SE -> Abe -> Ext after the Island. My question is; would be the 'correct' thing to start all over again on each map, or transfer my now lvl-103 Island character to each new map, along with tools and/or dinos (or without anything)? I'm kind-of feeling that after about 200 hours SP on the Island I've done enough 'levelling-up', but transferring all my stuff to a new map once I'm done with the Island kind-of feels like taking the easy road. So, what have others done who beat the game (all maps) by themselves?
  13. I do this and it's fantastic. Beast comes back with over 1k stone without me having to do anything for it.
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