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  1. To the Ark community and the players expressing their discourse with the S+ pick-ups... Do you really, Really, need this?!? Are you all failing to see the point or the effort put into making this game difficult? The coding it takes to create a world where we all run with dinosaurs?? Please stop complaining about the challenges in this game...That Was The Intention. Do you think that if you built a forge in your backyard you would simply be able to walk over and pick it up to move it 10 feet??? No! Why do you think you should be able to do it in Ark? Perhaps playing a game involving mining and crafting, where everything was in a nice block form, would be more inline with that simplified gameplay. WC, I Love Ark. Thank you, and please feel encouraged to press on and continue making this game more playable and more challenging. If I may, I believe there would be a considerable benefit(and challenge I'm certain) if the PvP and PvE worlds had different systems of governance. What I mean is...if the PvP community wants fast and easy...give them fast and easy with dinos. If the PvE community wants to play through a challenging game...don't break it for the sake of PvP players. And finally, will you please offer more support to the Prim+ community as I feel that is truly where Ark is best. Also, thank you for your willingness to communicate with your community. Thanks.
  2. Regarding the Kibble Rework...from a PvE player... while I can appreciate the effort from the Devs to try and fix a Player Related Problem, I think it will severely diminish the PvE gameplay. It is Fully the player's fault for hitting and keeping the tame caps. If players didn't seek to horde dinos and keep them beyond their utility, the kibble system would function perfectly as a mechanic of game progression. Just because the majority of this community would like things to be given to them without effort doesn't mean the current system is broken or that the dinos are useless. This game offers hours, demands hours, of gameplay that are filled with excitement and adventure...why would you want them to water it down??? Because it's challenging?!? If the player communities would spend more time trying to work together to solve the problems with the Devs, and less time complaining about the things that are broken, WHILE exploiting every possible glitch that works to their benefit, we might help to fix some things.
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