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  1. Lost of over 300 dinos by last WC char transfer block (because of cheaters) I have lost over 300 dinos because of strange decay. If dinos was in CP in CF and was all full, how can be that afther 5-6 days dinos inside are dead and in CF next to this one all are alive and genereator has fuel for 2 more days ( so its max 6 days possible to be without power). But any way, I was stuck on Island and cant restart decay on any onter maps I play (Ragnar, Aber, Extin, Val) . Have sent all that details to suppoer with ss of decayed buildings and lists of dead dinos in tribe options. After 2 weeks talking WC came with offer to restore 10 dinos of my choice or 10 eggs. For over 300 dinos i loast they offer me 10 ??? Any one has some experience with that issue, or simmilar ?
  2. Valguero is good for solo because bloody windturbine WORK there, and drops are full of it, so no need to fight over oil and no need to resuply gen. My choiche will be 1 base on Valg and one on Exinc to farm there elements and dust to transfer or use with replicator
  3. Like in Abb map where Anglers also spawn in rivers (near red zone) with crabs , and other nasty small sea creatures
  4. place few pipe cross on a floor or in air if cant do on floor and than cooker on them, ofc crosses must be conectet to water line
  5. if you kill Manticore with weapon, no elements
  6. Baaaaah...thx to God I didnt buy Seeson pass before this transfer chaos...and I never gona buy it now. They just take money for half finished games, same by all DLC-s
  7. I have 1 char and bases on 6 maps, so if my gens run out of gas they gona stop and if decay will not be stopped (and will not be for surre because diferent ppl stuck on different servers, so if someone was stuck on rag and played 5 days there they cant roll back just my stuff than whole serv.) I gona lost a huuugeeee amount of dinos, bases , resources..etc. And that will be end of Ark for me ...., enough is enough
  8. As its eggs protective, it means when you breed them they will attack you (like ripper )
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