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  1. I'm starting to doubt we'll see a fix for this known bug any time soon. All hands are on deck for ATLAS or the Switch.
  2. That picture is a fantastic representation of how they are currently responding on Live Servers in the current patch [v287.124]. After their hit detection/registration was tinkered last week they do no damage even though they are noticeably connecting to the targets. You'll end up seeing dozens of spines in whatever you are attacking, but none of them register into damage. This is a known bug that many people are reporting. It should be getting attention just as the Meks have.
  3. Seems as though none of the known Velonasaur bugs have been addressed in the current patch [v287.124]. Looks to be related to server ping and hit detection/registration. All live servers, official and unofficial, have been impacted negatively by this. The Mek accuracy bug was improved in this latest patch. I'm sure Velo are coming up!
  4. Patch v287.110 broke them for sure. The Head Whip rarely connects to anything large or small now. Hopefully this is a known bug that gets attention like the Meks.
  5. Patch v287.110 severely broke the Velonasaur "Head Whip" ability. It barely works on single player. Once on a live server it refuses to connect 99% of the time. It's definitely a known bug at this point. Fingers crossed Velo get some attention this week like the Meks did.
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