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  1. For some time now a few players I know have played on Gen 2 #975 and the server reached a dino cap. This can happen with a popular server but in this case the server is being abused by a few players to make it unplayable for everyone else. They use the server as a dino factory and leave all their dinos out which causes a server cap on dino taming. As an Official Server, this is unacceptable! I suggest limiting cloning machines to 1-2 per tribe and lower dino cap per tribe. Players reported for too many dinos out should be warned or removed from the ARK. It is time to clean up the
  2. I really enjoy Gen2 but I've lost several dinos in the water cave due to the swarming water dinos. They are way too aggressive to try to tame anything. I've lost 2 astrodelphis and a basilo along with a couple of bags of decent gear.
  3. I would like it if I could join my server. Very frustrating!
  4. I'm hoping this patch fixes most of the problems. Thank you
  5. I want a refund! I paid to play a game that I am not allowed to play. Too few servers, too many asshats, too many Asians on NA servers!
  6. Agreed! Many failed attempts to join my Gen2 server with slots showing available. I see the occupied slots change up and down but I still can't join. 975 I tried restarting my ARK game then STEAM and also my computer with no results. Still cannot join 975 with available slots showing.
  7. Good afternoon, Is there an issue getting the event started today? We are over 3 hours past the start time.
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