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  1. While it is an interesting idea. How would console get this? Last I checked Sony is still awfully protective of their accounts not sharing anything with anyone for any reason except a couple games for crossplay wich was a rare occurance.
  2. I've looked at this for a while and can't make up what you really want. Maybe be a little more descriptive?
  3. maybe put this in bug reports instead of game suggestions. I doubt the devs look at bug reports in this section.
  4. a new aggression stance. 'Defend me' there should be an aggression stance called "defend me". It would be similar to attack "my target" But instead of when the player does damage to a wild/enemy dino and the creatures with "attack my target" follow and attack that creature, this stance will make dino's attack whatever attacked the player/the creature the player is riding and they would stop if the enemy got a certain distance from the player and return to them. This would be helpful in situations where you would need to protect an Ankylo or any other weak creature but don't want your Rexes/G
  5. they broke it even further now. HLNA doesn't even scan the element disturbances in my single player anymore.
  6. i tried to do the dragon on single player after not getting the dossier on my server and i did not get the dossier.
  7. choosing implant design ok so. i recently ascended on the island and extinction, now i lost my cool red implant wich i much prefered over my homo deus implant. My idea wich is really not that important but just a little addition is to let survivors choose how they want their implant to look. you'd get to choose between everything you've unlocked so if you've done alpha overseer and beta rockwell you could choose to make your implant have the alpha overseer design but not the rockwell and the other way around, or you could choose to have your basic implant when you just spawned. this is
  8. up the range of the tek railgun as the title says up the range on the tek railgun, it's a sniper right? Then give it the range of a sniper because right now the normal tek rifle has a better range...
  9. QuintenMC

    Ocean platforms

    yeh i discovered that too, good to hear that you can do what you want
  10. QuintenMC

    Ocean platforms

    Ocean platforms So I have been building a giant mansion over 2 ocean platforms but there is this isssue. I can't build on 1 of the platforms anymore (check pictures). This got me stuck and I don't wanna just abandon it since it already took 1 week of non stop grinding. https://imgur.com/a/DDiiNeW i can't upload all pics with the limit. My suspicion is that it sees the structures of platform 2 as structures of Platform 1 and thus putting them out of range
  11. Can not upload anymore I uploaded a lot of element dust and it all just dissapeared, now this wouldn't have been an issue for me since i'm rich butttt. They still take item slots in the ark data. This means I can't upload anymore items since I somehow got 57/50 items uploaded they do not get deleted after a day
  12. Taming boost not working on bloodstalker a bloodstalker will always take exactly the same amount of bloodpacks wether the taming efficiency is high or low I tested this with 2 values 1X : lvl 50 took 270 packs 7.5X lvl 50 took 270 packs also 270 blood packs is kinda unreachable for small tribes are you certain these values are set correct?
  13. i got idk maybe 1 to 2 posts here and i've played over 2 years by now it's the same as saying YouTubers don't make new vids about it so it is dead go to the steam hours the buy date the activity in the game not a stupid site
  14. normally you should be able to do every event anytime on unofficial servers
  15. i hear you but for official server it is just impossible they accepted transfers on SE and boom insta capped people will just instant get the taming cap of mega tribes bringing 500 dinos by transfering
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