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  1. Thank you guys soooo much for adding it! Other things you can add are the pizza shaped foundations, along with the cool new renovated foundations the mod has. It is also good that in s plus you can hide cables, power the fabricator with electicity, etc. Also, all of the placed items such as the nurse the hatchery, and all of the glass building things would be incredible if added into the game. There are many more updates to follow for console, so please implement these things into the game. Thank you and keep un the good work!
  2. Hi! I really Really enjoy ark and how much diversity there is to experience in the game. It is really fun to wander about getting high level dinosaurs and creating under water homes. You guys have done a phenomenal job on the core game along with the extra maps. The DLCs are extremely enjoyable, and extinction was an immediate hit for me. Though I still love the game and will play it for as long as possible, there is one thing that bothers me; the building system. I understand it is more realistic but on consoles such as PC (i play on xbox) they have the mod Structures +. This mod, being
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