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  1. Xbox Scorched Earth PvP for Beginners/ Casuals This is a casual, beginner friendly PvP server on Scorched Earth. I have plans to make a discord for more organized PvP on this server. Gather rates, spoil timers, breeding rates, fuel consumption rates, xp rates have all been bumped a little. Message GT FeelGoodBrandon for invite!
  2. Xbox Aberration PvP server for casual/ new players! This is a casual pvp server for new or busy players alike! Gather rates are 2x. Tame, baby maturation are 2x. Xp is 1.5x. Breeding is practically instant. Griefing will not be tolerated on this server. If interested, message FeelGoodBrandon!
  3. Chill, noob friendly server! If you’re down to play and you want someone to show you the ropes a bit, can totally help! Got a nitrado dedicated server running right now with a friend and there’s still 8 other slots so if you’re interested message me on xbox gt: FeelGoodBrandon and I’ll add you, or reply here. Be warned though we’re looking for people who just want to play casually, maybe get organized and do caves/ bosses. Currently the map is Aberration For server settings I’ve got taming speed waaay up, gather rates up a little, exp at x1.5, breeding timers non-existent, no clipping. Other than that everything else is pretty much default.
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