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  1. Expect part 1 February at the earliest, im sure it will be worth the wait though.
  2. I hope they dont empty fridges, ive got a lot of extraordinary kibble and eggs in them!
  3. Acidbaf

    EU PVE 525

    These servers must be absolute garbage, Ive worked in IT for 16 years now, if the system I ran was this broken I would be out of a job for not fixing it! If the hardware isnt upto scratch it needs to be replaced or at the very least upgraded. Also why hasnt anybody from wildcard even acknowledged that several people have logged tickets about this server? Wildcard wants everybody to pay again for genesis after buying base game and season pass, but what incentive is there to do this when the servers suffer from horrendous lag, lots of crashes and poor customer support? Come on wildcard this real
  4. Acidbaf

    EU PVE 525

    20:57 uk time. This is stupid! I bet nobody even acknowledges the issue.
  5. Acidbaf

    EU PVE 525

    and again 17:30 uk time
  6. Acidbaf

    EU PVE 525

    it has just gone down again, 15:56 uk time
  7. Acidbaf

    EU PVE 525

    EU PVE 525 Server is laggy and crashes several times a day. Server did a roll back at least 5 times on 05/10/19 and has already crashed twice today 06/10/19 since I have been on (couple of hours).
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