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  1. Same here. Just look at this screenshot I took earlier; it’s utterly dreadful. I’m getting a refund next week.
  2. I am absolutely stunned that Wildcard are charging £45 for a game which, in handheld mode (which many of us are purchasing this for) is utterly unplayable. Take a look at my screenshot and see for yourself. Everything is incredibly blurred, and most objects don’t render unless you’re right next to them. The visuals are so poor that I actually developed a massive headache after only 30 mins of handheld play, and 5 hours later my headache has only just passed. It’s like being unable to focus your eyes for half an hour, so you can imagine how that feels. And this is AFTER a day one patch! Dont buy this game guys. The mobile version offers far superior graphics and it’s free. The game should have never been released in this state. It looks nothing like the trailers, or the demo earlier in the year. What a mess.
  3. How can you charge £45 for a game that is utterly unplayable (at least in handheld mode - which is what many of us are purchasing this version for) in its current state? I played for 30 minutes in handheld mode, and everything was so blurry that I developed a massive headache and had to stop playing. Imagine not being able to focus your eyes for 30 whole minutes - that’s what this is like. This looks nothing like the trailers, or the gameplay demo from earlier in the year. The mobile version looks godly in comparison. I’ll be getting a refund. You should be ashamed for releasing it in this condition.
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