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  1. Coachbrian

    Arthro question

    Switch version is based on an older version prior to the Arthro update
  2. Coachbrian

    The different maps don't work for me

    Island is the only map on the Switch
  3. Coachbrian

    Giga Breeding Quetion

    The stat mutation likely went into movement speed or something else that doesn't change. Check out the Reddit forums for a better explanation. I think there are a few categories that can get a mutation stat that won't actually improve a stat level.
  4. Coachbrian

    pve Cross Ark in Switch?

    I think Nitrado settings calling server clusters "cross Arks" is what confused me.
  5. Coachbrian

    pve Cross Ark in Switch?

    Did the devs forget that the Switch only has one map and that Cross Arks aren't possible?
  6. Coachbrian

    A quick critic

    Good luck getting a dev response, GM Argosy told me to post here specifically(as a solution for my ticket)for the devs and not a one has acknowledged anything. Enjoy your proof of concept.
  7. Coachbrian


    It seemed like Chris implied it's as good as it will get. No idea about updates(either fixes or DLC) other than GM Argosy saying they weren't aware of any coming.
  8. Coachbrian


    GM Argosy replied to my ticket(middle of December)and stated that they didn't know of anything planned. In a reddit post maybe a week later, one of the Chris's replied that the Switch was at it's operational limits with the current version of Ark. So apparently this is just a proof of concept for $50.
  9. Coachbrian

    Feedback from the fan

    The bad render/draw distances definitely make it interesting. As another PS4 player with lots of hours in Ark, my opinion of the Switch version is different than yours. I got a refund.
  10. Coachbrian

    Internet required?

    You can play single player offline, I did in the GameStop parking lot.
  11. Coachbrian

    Got this on Switch and...

    Gamestop is accepting returns if you call their customer service number
  12. Compies disappear after you kill them so you can't harvest them.