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  1. Short answer is, you can't. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's true. If you're playing with other players, ask around for a managarmr saddle blueprint. Maybe someone will trade with you for one. ~Cat
  2. Could you post your PC specs, if you don't mind? I'm not familiar with the crash reports by look, my normal solution is to verify integrity of game files but you said you've done that.
  3. Here it is! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100810/Valguero__ARK_Expansion_Map/?curator_clanid=8729288 Keep in mind the deinonychus is super buggy, but the map itself is fairly decent. Have fun! ~Cat
  4. Dynamic Gates You all know of the basic dinosaur gateways and behemoth dinosaur gateways. I've noticed throughout my amateur building that sometimes, a size in between the two would be ideal. They've added dynamic pipes to easily snap pipes together. I seem to have lost the dynamic electrical cable engram, but no matter. My idea is that a new gate/gateway engram is added for wood, stone, metal, and tek. These gates would function like crossbow zip-lines, in the way you set one corner of the gate, then look around to select where the second corner goes. For cost, there could either be a set cost between that of the regular and behemoth gate, or a base cost for the minimum gate size and increased cost for each additional wall used, taken from the player's inventory upon placement. I think this could really help with some base builds where you don't want the looming monstrosity of the behemoth gate, but also want to avoid the limited function of the smaller gates.
  5. Crafting Skill Server Settings Is there some way I can change the base crafting skill stats of players at level one? I'm trying to have players start at 1000% crafting skill and gain nothing from levels, or very, very little from levels. It's a quality of life thing I want on my server. Any way I can do this?
  6. I only own PC, but in my experience that code only shows when I'm offline or the game is all bugged out. Try restarting it. Being offline also explains not finding servers. Try restarting your router if you still have problems.
  7. You could easily come onto the forums and beg people to buy the game for you... Or you can wait for a sale. The game sometimes goes for $20, which in my opinion is quite reasonable. But while we're on this topic, does anyone want to pay for college for me? (Sarcastic )
  8. CatM0de

    Rockwell help

    Rock drakes and stegos are a good idea to bring for players, and several damage-dealer dinos such as megalosaurus or spinosaurus for attacking rockwell while he's down. Players should have high-power shotguns and a lot of ammo. Run around shooting tentacles, attack rockwell, repeat. If you shoot the energy orbs, they'll explode before they get to you. That's the only good way to deal with them as they track you. Stegos are good for their tankiness, but they tend to move rather slow which could be a problem when electric tentacles pop up. Keep running around shooting tentacles like you would on a drake. Basically, players should not be primarily focused on Rockwell himself. You absolutely have to kill the tentacles, energy orbs, Nameless, and Reapers. Aim at Rockwell only when he's down otherwise it's pointless.
  9. In order to get more crystals to drop, feed them snowy owl pellets. They'll eat until they drop a crystal. It also depends on how much they eat at a time. It's not a bug. I'm not sure about the automatic gathering because I've never tried it before. Element dust gachas are very rare, I've yet to see one to this day. If you really want element dust, take a doedicurus and whack some tables, lightposts, or benches. You'll get hundreds of dust (and crystals) each. Good luck and happy hunting!
  10. Okay, this actually happened to me once except only the mana died. I was flying near the ice cave and the managarmr randomly died right outside it. Suffice to say, I died soon after. I don't know exactly why it happened to this day. If you were playing on official, give them your life story and about thirty-seven other details in a support ticket and then wait about a month for a spawn-in. It won't be imprinted and it will likely get a saddle of armor about primitive. If you were on unofficial and you are an admin, spawn in a new one and hope it doesn't happen again. If you are on unofficial and not an admin, ask one for some help. Good luck and I hope you don't lose more tames this way!
  11. All items in ARK have multiple variables when deciding how they look in a loot crate. For armor, it's both insulation stats (considered individually), armor, and durability. Weapons have damage and durability, etc. There's also random chance. For instance, I've gotten apprentice blueprints for weapons anywhere from 105% to 175% damage, and sometimes it seems there's no real reason. Saddles are kind of the same way... I expect the base armor is considered (of course) but it's possible there's something else. I've seen mastercraft saddles with higher armor than ascendant ones. In addition, Trike Saddle base armor is 20.0 points, whereas many saddles are set to 25.0 as engram-grade. That's most likely why you're finding lower armor saddles. On Ragnarok, Trike Saddles can be found in green drops (level 15 to access). They most likely won't spawn in the desert area drops, as those follow scorched earth loot tables. Happy hunting!
  12. I can't say for sure if the cliff platform itself will block spawns, but my guess is that it does. It's treated like the ground for structures you can build on top of it. Even if the platform itself doesn't block spawns, foundations you build on top of it very likely will. Good luck in your adventures!
  13. I don't disagree with them being easier to craft, and I certainly appreciate their usage. Tame caps can easily be diminished with the use of these. Of course, toxic alphas will choose not to utilize this, but that's another topic. Anyway, I do like this idea. Maybe they could be craftable with small amounts of element dust, just to maintain balance. That would actually put some use to element dust on the Island besides making delicious sandwiches. But don't forget about the cryofridge, the only way to make sure these pods are used to the max. That should also be craftable in the fabricator. Or you can kill a couple corrupted dilos and get cryopods from a blue OSD. Your choice.
  14. Depends on the node, a little on how well you defend it. The wiki seems to say that if your node gets damaged or the little towers are destroyed, it's something close to the end of the world. Truth is, as far as I can see only the main tower really gives you element. The outside ones might drop one here and there, but you'll probably get about 8 shards instead. So if you protect the middle one and let the outer ones go to crap, you won't lose TONS of element. I'm not saying outer ones are worthless, simply worth less than the middle one. Now, on a easy node you can probably get around 10-40 element depending on how well you defend it. Before saying that's a small amount, consider that you're defending it against dilos/pteras almost exclusively. More work, more reward. If you can protect a hard node, you may end up with hundreds of element. But you're be fighting swarms of wyverns, rexes, spinos, etc. The stuff you see on red/purple orbitals. Best of luck in your element hunt!
  15. I play unofficial so random colors are the main thing I look for. As long as I have my trusty reaper helmet, I don't really need other skins.
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