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  1. Thing is, the sliders are exactly the way I left them, but the in-game values are the default ones.
  2. Update 2: happened again. IDK why, but it did. Entered single player, after deleting the save file from the switch and starting again, and all values we're reset to default multipliers. Weight limit was reduced, speed andmax health as well. Can't play on US servers, single player has this issue. IDK what to do. Update: deleted the save file from the switch, started a new one. Just erasing single player data from the game menu was not enough. It looks like values are now being saved.
  3. So I started a single player game while I wait for US servers to show up, and I changed a few multipliers to level up a bit faster and harvest a bit more. Stoped playing for a bit, and when I came back, the game loaded without any multipliers activated. Everything reset to the default values, meaning all points I invested with multipliers, went back to being their default levels ( had a 300 weight limit that changed back to 190, and so on). Am I doing anything wrong? The multipliers are just as I left them on the game creation screen, and not on their default levels.
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