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    Tek Bridge

    Pushing this topic. The tek bridge is a useful way to safe a huge amount of structures between cliffs or thanks to genesis between main buildings and ocean platform. Due to the fact that it decays in 12 hours they are useless to use for any player which causes the same problem we have since legacy. We need to use too many structures. I hope this will be fixed soon since the "issue fixed with snap points on remote end of the tek bridge" on May 2019. I'm gonna post it on every single tweet that they should fix it. Mass over class is the key!
  2. So I guess we ps4 players still have our settings resetted after starting the game. And I guess the many anti mesh points on abberation are still available.
  3. Aberration on ps4 (pve-797) at blue area, near spawn the edge 1. About 50/50. Is there a chance to get the animal back? My tribemate had 5 disconnects within 40 minutes. This map is kinda full of bugs, problems and not playable!
  4. You forgot aberration mate. This map is still such a blue screener and still full of bugs.
  5. So there is also no announcement about the bug with dropping the cryopods. What happens to all the dino we all lost because of a mistake from you?! If you transfer your char with a cryod dino and open it, you'd lose em. But we also lost a giga and a wyvern without changing the server. And to communicate that we use duped dino and we just should stop duping is crap. Own bred dino due the event are lost just because you aren't able to present a bug free game after almost 3 years of frigging release. I really want a good answer what happened to the cryos and how we could get back
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