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  1. They're coming back up. So far every server I've played on in my "My Survivors" list EXCEPT the one I currently actively play on is up, lol
  2. The problems with manas are manifold. You rightfully name a few of them in there (easily tamed + breedable), but these are only problematic in combination with the fact that they outclass every other mount in the game, hands-down. In an ark-world full of nerfed flyers, saddleless/unbreedable wyverns and reapers, we don't need a saddled, breedable, easily-tamed, fast-swimming, huge-stamina, high-damage, long-range, unbelievably fast rocketship. We just don't need them. They make all of the rest of Ark's content pointless.
  3. They never said they were integrating the whole of S+ into the game. The Homestead update has been on test servers for a month, and they announced the contents of it more than a month ago.
  4. Just pointing out; prime fish you can get from killing salmon and harvesting with a sickle. I don't remember if there are salmon in the rivers or the upper lake, but there are definitely salmon in the caves.
  5. I get stuck against the walls inside my base, in door frames, and even at the edge of water. I nearly drowned because I couldn't move just under the water at a shore.
  6. I am still having this problem as of 1/4/2019. My megalania looks like only his head is sticking out of the ground, even while riding him.
  7. Michael Chitin - Megatherium Taylor Swift - Pteranodon Oliver Stone - Doedicurus Jeremy Irons - Ankylosaurus James Woods - Beaver Bob Crane - Argentavis (you use them to pick stuff up like a crane) Pair of Sarah Silvermans - Paraceratherium
  8. Well I found a partial list compiled by someone doing a different project altogether: Arthropluera S+ Double DoorBaryonyx S+ Double DoorBeelzebufo S+ Double DoorCarnotaurus S+ Double DoorCastoroides S+ Double DoorDaeodon S+ Double DoorDirewolf S+ Double DoorEquus / Unicorn S+ Double DoorGigantopithecus S+ Double DoorKaprosuchus S+ Double DoorLymantria S+ Double DoorMegaloceros (M) S+ Double DoorMegaloceros (F) S+ Double DoorMegalosaurus (Awake) S+ Double DoorOvis S+ Double DoorPhiomia S+ Double DoorPhoenix S+ Double DoorProcoptodon S+ Double DoorPteranodon S+ Double DoorSabertooth S+ Double DoorTapejara S+ Double DoorAraneo DoorwayPachy DoorwayPelagornis DoorwayRaptor DoorwayTerrorBird Doorway + any carry pets/small dudes that follow you. This is a pre-aberration list though. I know Ravagers and Scouts fit, anyone else know of anything Aberration or later that should go on the list? Specifically, ride-ables?
  9. I know this is probably more of a question for the Steam forums, but I thought I'd as here too. Anyone know of a list of creatures that can fit through the S+ double door frame?
  10. Just to follow up on this: my item shipped yesterday, and is supposed to be here today or tomorrow. I don't know if it had anything to do with you or not, but thanks all the same. Their support phone number and email definitely don't work, so I'd say that's still an issue to be resolved, though.
  11. I appreciate it. If you need me to provide any other info let me know. I've now had 2 of the emails I sent to the support address come back undeliverable.
  12. I'm positive this doesn't belong here, but it doesn't seem to belong anywhere. I'm having difficulties with the official ARK merch store. I ordered a t-shirt on Dec 4th. As per the merch store's listed policy, all orders ship within 48 hours of checkout. I got a text message confirming my order, the money came out of my account, and that's the last I heard about it. I was supposed to get a followup text when it shipped, and I have not gotten that text. I emailed the store support at support@playarkmerch.com, but I never received a reply, until Outlook notified me on Dec 12th that the email was undeliverable. I called the listed support hotline twice last week, and was redirected both times to a generic voicemail box. I don't know what else to do. The shirt was intended for a Christmas present, but something tells me that ain't happening. If anyone can suggest a better place to post this so that I might actually get help on it, I'm more than willing.
  13. The level of the dino is controlled by the stats. You CAN breed a lvl 200 dino with filled mutation slots with a clean lvl whatever dino and keep getting mutations, and you CAN get an offspring from that pairing that will have the max stats between the two. However, if you DO get the maximum stats, the offspring will be the exact same level as the high-lvl guy, just with 40+ mutations from that side and 0 from the other (meaning he can still get mutations from that side of the parentage). Side note: you've almost stumbled upon a popular breeding strategy here, although it doesn't quite work as you put it. There's a hard cap of dino levels (I forget what it is exactly), and a good strategy is to crank your mutations as high as possible close to that hard cap, then cross breed with a lowbie dino until you get really crap stat values in stats that don't matter (i.e. move speed, food, etc) so that you can keep going with your good stats (since dino level is based on stat values).
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