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  1. They are still not working and we have had 2 updates to the game now. I have sent yet another email to Ark Support as my first email went unanswered for three weeks. I can't even spawn them in, which at this point would be acceptable. We have paid for these and expect them to work and yet they are fixing other issues. Does any know if we can get refunded from Microsoft??
  2. I have sent an email to wildcard and Ark support but still no reply
  3. Did you manage to get anywhere, having a similar problem at the moment not sure what to do myself
  4. I have had the same issue. I purchased the bionic Trike and Mosasaur. On my tribes server, not sure if everyone will have this issue. Spoke to Xbox they were not. Uch help everything they tried to do did not work. I have sent an email to wildcard about it not heard yet. I paid fro these and not to have them there is ridiculous
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