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  1. The statistics is a really neat idea! And yes, your true fans support you 100% and are willing to be patient. Keep up the great work! And great job to all the artists! The spinosaurus art was my favorite!!
  2. Great job to all of the artists! And let’s all be patient and wait while they work on something amazing!
  3. So excited for everything! Great job Wildcard! Please do a TLC 4 sooner then in 2 years. And do more than 2 creatures! But thank you for what we did get:)
  4. Great artwork guys! Looking forward to TLC 3! The stegosaurus is my second favorite dinosaur!!
  5. Great job to all of the artists! And great job on another great Halloween event Wildcard! Thank you!!
  6. Great job to all of the artists of the fan art! Especially the one with the four lantern pets. That one is gorgeous!
  7. Those drawings are really good.Great job to @Goyounghee , @Slimeyspore11, @Karl, @KO3LNHA, and @Mauve!
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