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  1. Watching the video "demoing" the Ark in VR experience. That experience for Ark is clearly undesirable. It would be convenient for Wildcard to either "TLC their VR" or "Stop making the Rift software pop up to do what you never plan to have working." Looking at alternatives, I found https://www.vrheads.com/can-you-play-non-vr-pc-games-rift-or-vive#3d which appears to provide drivers to support "stereoscopic 3d". I don't *really* need the Rift controls, I'm more happy with the keyboard. And truth be told, I don't really need head/ motion tracking, I can get used to being without it. But I'd really *REALLY* like to do SOMETHING with Ark using my Oculus Rift. Has anyone looked at 3D drivers, or some way of enjoying Ark with a VR headset that does NOT resemble the YT video linked above? Or has anyone heard rumors of Wildcard actually delivering a VR experience that doesn't resemble the wretched video above?
  2. Thank you, and I will see if this is of interest. Unfortunately, my quick read-through doesn't seem to show an "auto-run at login". For Jori, it isn't having a shorter or simpler command, it is his ability to remember to invoke it at all until he's already dead.
  3. I couldn't see a spot for "Mod Requests" here, though I'll drop this same request in the Steam Mod forums. I titled this "Let me play too," because we have an older gentleman with senior dementia "Jori" who plays with his adult son "GENMA". They've been with us for a while on our Minecraft server, and they are a part of our "Internet Family." Currently "Jori" has to type in the cheat for "infinitestats" to survive the game, as his reflexes are slow and he gets easily confused. The problem (senior dementia) is the same problem that makes it difficult to remind him to set his "God Mode" each login. I believe this would apply also to a young child who "just wants to play too," but a) granting Admin would be risky, and b) might be comfortable with controls but is still developing the skill to use admin commands at login. We also have an older lady who plays just fine, but the risk of attack and death is a bit much for her right now. She's comfortable with invoking LeaveMeAlone at each login, but again... if I could make these "auto" at each login, this is something I would do. So what I'm looking for is a login where I can put a specific ARK or SteamID into GameUserSettings.ini and it would watch for that particular player logging in, and "auto invoke" cheat codes on the player's behalf each login as admin even if the player does NOT have admin rights. I can envision a number of situations where this could be of use to admins to cover a wide array of situations with their servers on a case-by-case basis for players who are welcome to play but have particular needs, and not every need is the same. Is this something that can be done? Perhaps easily done as a mod? Would the Devs have to put in something to allow auto-admin-execution at login for non-admin players?
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