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  1. That’s true! In addition, it would be for RP Purposes as it could play as an ambient feature that roams the map. The same could be done for the Mega Mek but it is all down to the Developers as of course people could abuse the Mega Mek and spawn it in other servers that way. So if it was only possible through using Admin Commands to spawn it in, then it would be flawless in its attempt to block loopholes.
  2. Indeed, however why not simply add new mechanics? Because the DLC while massive and introducing very few cool tames and a few elements and a huge map, was a bit of a let down. Why not allow admin commands change that? For example as a server owner myself, I could spawn in the King Kaiju and ride it as an RP Beast. Only having a Mega Mek semi-tameable and no trample damage to tiny creatures, it almost seems like a cheap job and low effort/budget. Maybe this could give it more support from the RP Community within Ark? How could it be OP if it can only be tamed with admin commands? It means that
  3. As an RP Server Owner on ARK, I’ve always been a fan of the addition of Meks, Titans, Exotic Tames, New Structures, Mechanics and Explosions! However, after seeing the King Kaiju in Extinction and that Titans were uploadable, I tried to tame and ride it as an RP Element on the Server. However, after taming the King Kaiju it still acted Aggressive and I couldn’t ride it. This was a let down. The topical discussion is on whether or not it would be a good idea for the King Kaiju to be Rideable via ForceTame command. It would definitely in my opinion make the game far better in its addition to RP
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